How to see someone else's analytics data of URL shortened by Google

Have you ever come across this ( kind of URL  where you can't see what you clicking on?
Well, that is a short url for a long one and it can even track how many people have clicked on that link when and where are they from. This kind of url people use to see activity on that particular link and sometimes spammers and hackers use it to send visitor to a fishing site where they try to steal information from you.

The url which you've seen at the top is from Google URL Shortner. And if you see anywhere then that means it's from Google URL Shortner. So if you think something wrong with the link and you want to investigate more about the link then you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to this site (don't worry I'm not sending you to a dodgy site it's Google's own site)
  2. Now after the last / (slash) put the shortened URL in this case lILGlq and then put /day  
  3. Then hit the enter key. Full URL should look like this
That's it, now you know how to see  the stats of an unknown url shortened by Google. Enjoy!!

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