How to read twitter without login

Well, it's frustrating that almost every big social media sites forcing people to use apps or login to access their sites and I've notice that with Twitter as well. I know that nowadays most people surf the web with their mobile phones than PC, in fact I've seen that with my site too. That doesn't mean that people should completely cut off the access if they don't want to use app to view their sites.


In the picture above you can see that when I tried to visit the home page of the twitter, it showed me like that. You can't really see anything besides "Sign up" and Log in". And the other side you can see that I was able see the trending page.

So this is what you need to do to see that. Once you go to the home page the URL will look like this then you just need to add /search and hit enter. Full url should look like this so now you will be able to see the trending page.

The trending page might show different trending then where you are currently living. That's because the website might not know exactly where you living that's why. You can search what ever you want by putting a hashtag, for example #Funny  now you will see every tweet people have been tweeted with that hashtag.

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