Did you know you are losing money in your saving account

This gentleman explains very nicely that your money in saving account is not growing perhaps it losing its value every day. Watch the full video and you will know how banks are robbing us.

Best comments:

1. [If you're interest rate isn't better than inflation, you're going backwards]
2. [This channel should have a tagline "what the school DOESN'T want you to know."]
3. [It's sad that people has to specifically study economics to learn these things. As an economist I wish I had learn the basic notions earlier, before actually starting a degree. Keep it on with the videos! This is basically like teaching life]
4. [You are actually right my friend an old man taught me this but i didn't take him serious]
5. [The rich won't tell you where their money really came from. All the mega rich obtained 99% of their wealth by buying and selling shares, futures, currencies or real estate. They didn't earn it by receiving a regular income from their job.]

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