This thumb tricks will blow your mind

This video of a guy doing his thumb trick trending on #10 right now. It's seems like normal if you know how he is doing the trick, but some how it caught eyes of millions.

Published: Apr 30, 2017
Views: 1,697,175
Likes: 27,296
Dislikes: 583

Best comments:
1. [Hope EA patches this in the next update]
2. [This video deserves a thumbs off] It's funny if you know what he meant.
3. [When you ask for a refund at the magic store and the cashier does this.]
4. [Need instructions. I'm in the emergency room...and there's a lot of blood.]
5. [Slow it down to 0.25 and you can see each trick, however he is using black magic for the pinky.]

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