How to Hide Personal File/Folder Securely on Your PC with CMD

You probably seen many people or maybe yourself  hide file/folder by using different software or use the window built-in hide/show function, but did you know that method is not as secure as you probably think is.

For example if you hid a file by using the hid/show function then people can see the file/folder just by selecting show hidden files, folders and drives.

And if you use a software then, when you click on the folder it will ask password. So people will know that you've hidden something in there and they might force you to give them the password.

Third option which is the best and secure and no way to find out the hidden file/folder unless you yourself forget it.

Watch the video from 2:37


OK, let's start with the procedure:
  1.  Go to folder that you want to hide (files or folders in).
  2.  Click on the white space right next to folder patch. In the example above you can see he is clicking on white space next to the "Logic" << folder name.
  3.  Write cmd and hit enter.
  4. Now write attrib +h +s +r your folder name, in this case the folder name is new. Then hit the enter key. 
Now the new folder in Logic folder has gone, you can't find it any way until you brig it back again by using the CMD.

To bring it back you do exact same thing what you've done above but on the 4rth step you write attrib -h -s -r new. Remember the  new in the example is just used as an example, it can be different in your computer and maybe your own named files/folders.


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