Unilad's Samsung galaxy s8 giveaway [Exposed]

After watching the video you probably thinking wow! how nice of Unilad and Carphone Warehouse that they giving away so expensive phones for free. But if you think slightly deeper then you probably find out that they are not giving it for free.

OK, let me give you one example. Can you see the first comment by Unilad saying "For your chance to win one of five brand new Samsung S8s click here: http://bit.ly/cpws8comp"? Do you know where the link takes you too? Well, when anyone clicks on the link it takes that person trough a site called Ad.doubleclick.net. If you Google about that site you will find "Ad.doubleclick.net is a legitimate advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their sites.".

So from every click these people (Unilad) got money, and who knows those people (whom he gave those phones to) probably were paid actors. You can see the analytic that he has generated more than 11,813 clicks in just two days. So imagine how much money he's got from that. When I see this kind of "kindness" from people, I think of the phrase "There is no free energy. To get some energy you have lose some energy". Although that's in different subject, but it's so true, no one does anything for free.
There must be something that he's trying achieve by doing that. In this case the money and marketing. And sadly many people are trapped in this without knowing that some other people making money of there stupidness.
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