How can i see real link in bitly

You probably have seen many people use these links start with, do you know why do they use that kind of link for?

Well, these are actually short links. People usually shorten their big website links into smaller ones plus they can track the visitors, where they (visitors) have visited from and how many hits its (the link) got and so on. Although most people do it right way but some people might use this trick to hide their sites links which could for fishing and virus sites.

How can you save yourself from those dangerous sites?
To save yourself from those kind of sites first you look at the URL, and in this case it's hidden so you have to find out the way you can see the actual link without clicking on the link (bitly link). To do that copy the link (DON'T CLICK ON IT) and then paste it in the address bar at the top and then add + right after the link. So the link in the picture should look like this Once you done that hit enter. And now you will be able to see the actual link (

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