Response to Kissing muslim girls

2:12 (3:07)

Well, many people might get upset by this post but I'm not really bothered about it, because there is no one yes not a single one in the world can make everyone happy. Not even Google, and I'm just a normal guy. Anyway let me get to the main point now. When I saw the video at the top that the guy who made the video tried to show that how hard to kiss a muslim girl and no one wanted to kiss him even though he offered some money. And that's the proof that PRANK INVASION lied to people and he must have paid the girls to kiss him.

I'm not really a fan of PRANK INVASION and I think he does pay to his actors as I've found out from many other videos, but to say muslim girls are so pure which I really doubt it. When I heard their lectures in the top video about morality and sh*t the below and other videos was playing in my mind and thinking how can people chat so much sh*t.

I wouldn't write this if that black girl at 2:12 didn't come up and gave the sh**tiest lecture ever about being object and stuff and assuming that all muslim girls are like her. And she herself is so shallow that within a minute she got so close to a complete stranger that as if he was her best friend. Imagine what would happen if they meet few more times.

Why didn't Muslim girls kiss him?
Well, first of all any conservative kind of people won't go for kiss to any stranger and it's not just limited to the Muslim girls. Many times you will see that the white girls won't go kiss any strangers they find on the street.

No2: He had a low budget which was almost nothing, and sometime even beggars would reject that.
No 3: He was not famous enough. When someone become famous girls (Muslims included) will jump at him at any time, watch the second video. And they might want to sleep with him as well, who knows. If they can be so mad on camera, imagine what they would do when the camera is not rolling.
No 4: This is kind of related to the first one. He was not known to her, girls will come very close when they know someone. You can see the evidence in the video itself when she comes very close to him (at 3:07) to watch the video on his phone. She was so close that if the guy wanted to kiss her her he would have easily done it. Ask her about that. Was that ok for a Muslim girl to go that close to a none mahram?

No 5: Looks with fame and money, yes if the guy is very good looking then girls will die for him. There was channel called "TrueStoryASA" which broken up for exactly the same same reason. Muslim girls were offering kisses to the channel creator. And the good looking guy got more girls of course.

Here are some examples of Muslim girls showing Islamic morality. I would have given you more examples but I think for intelligent people these should be enough to know good are Muslim girls and when do they lose their sh*t.

1:05, 1:17, 1:29, 3:19/20 (see how close is that),

At 14:20 she almost sat on his lap. He wants to keep it halal. Well, I really doubt about his statement.

Finally I just want to say that it's not about morality of Muslim girls and they are not angels and stop glorifying yourselves. But it's all about the reason I pointed out at the top. I know it's a bitter truth which most people will not like it.

Really fame, money and looks can change your life. Specially if you are a male.

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