Best thing ever happened for content creators!

Well, I was waiting for this result for long time and finally I can say yes what ever I was thinking was right. It's something that all small content creators get scared of and that is copyright bull sh*t. People at the top always try to sue small content creators to get free extra money. If you read the terms and condition of big news outlets and stuffs, you will find that they don't like you to copy their work (which many of the works are taken from someone else's work) although they themselves keep grabbing contents from normal people where ever they can find and call it FAIR USE. But if you try to copy them under fair use, they will come after you and try to make it copyright infringement so that they cane have big chunk of money for free.

So for long time I was thinking why are people doing this. When they if want contents they can grab it from anywhere but when people want something from them then that copyright infringement? I'm not against copyright, but it should have its limit.

Let's say that if you copy small part of someone's work then that will be considered as copyright infringement , then you won' t be able to do anything. Because if you want to report something and you want quote someone's statement then you won't be able to do that because of the copyright. So it would be very hard to live really. Same thing goes with picture, video and other stuffs. Luckily we have something called fair use. But it seems like only the upper class people benefiting the fullest from the fair-use and constantly scaring the other people not to copy any part of their work. Such people are greedy scum bags and should watch the video above.


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