Who is Raba Khan (Bnagali YouTuber)

Raba Khan is a Bangali YouTuber, makes comedy videos. She is already quite popular and many people already written about her, but in this post I will just write things that the reporter has asked her in the video above and her replays.

YouTube channel:  TheJhakanakaProject
Subscribers: 88,856
Views: 5,931,120
Joined: 6 Jun 2014

Facebook: RabaKhan2013
Instagram: rabakhan
Snapchat: jhakanakaraba
Ask.fm: RabaKhan 

Current obsession: Hair.
Favorite singer: Right now Pritom Ahmed.
Free time: Don't have any free time.
Facebook or spending time with friends: Don't have friends.
Cats or dogs: Dogs.
Tea or coffee: Coffee.
Favorite Movie: Slam dog millionaire.
Favorite celebrity: Karan Johar
Last wish: Writing with Zoya Akhtar
Can't live without it: Lipstick.
First thing in the morning: Checking messages on WhatsApp.
Diamond or Gold: Diamond, who wears god nowadays? [{Hmm, seems like flying in the sky with under 100k subs.}]
Morning person or night person: Night person.
Favorite dance move: watch at 3:43
Process of making YouTube videos: - - - [{Well, forget this one, because not everyone lucky enough to get popularity and be millionaire over night.}]
Good girlfriend: "No, but I'm sure I'll be a good wife."
Dating someone: No.
Date of birth: May 11, and according to famousbirthdays.com in 1998 (she didn't say the year).
Rain or sun: Most of the time, sun.
Bags or shoes: Bags.
Favorite TV show: Masterchef
Cooking: Yes
Dream vacation spot: Azerbaijan
If you become an actress then whom do you want to choose to be hero for you: Ananta Jalil
Do you play any instrument: Yes, Harmonium.
Style icon: No one.
Favorite dress: Saari.

Hidden talent: Trained belly dancer.
Favorite host: Karan Johar.

Well, that's all I could extract from the video. I know some of you (who knows Bangla) might say I've misquote lot of the answers. Yes, that's right but some of them I've missed on purpose and some of them I couldn't really understand or thought it's not that important. Anyway if you still think you need to add, then you can always comment below.

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