Every T-Series lover should know this

When the T-Series V Pewdiepie subscription thing happen, I was thinking why the hell people even support T-Series. Then I thought well, there are so many sheep out there who wants to be slave for ever and won't listen to anyone's advice even though it's helps them.

I got hit by T-Series few times. They claimed ad revenue of my full videos just because of few second of their clip/song, although that should have been fallen under fair-use, yet those scum bags claim full money. I'm sure this must have happened to thousands of other small YouTubers too.  They are simply greedy scumbags. I even saw one of their 15 seconds promotion video with ads. That shows how greedy they really are. And this video above and below explain a lot.

I hope if you are one of the hard core fan of T-Series, this should open your eyes. If not then go on and be slave of  T-Series and when it comes after you don't even utter a word out of your mouth, because surely you deserve that.

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