Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities

Some interesting comments to read:

*Oh hell no. This is why economists did not become engineers. Yeah let’s help eliminate carbon by cutting down millions of carbon eating trees to build skyscrapers.

*Carbon footprints? Okay, but what about all of the forests you'll cut down? Are you.. ignoring that part? No, this isn't much better for the environment than steel buildings. You're still cutting down the forests, which will make many more species extinct. Also... trees absorb quite an amount of the world's carbon dioxide, and turns it into oxygen. What will you say if you're only reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that's being converted to oxygen? You're not really helping our carbon footprint, but you're preserving it!

*The reason we use concrete and steel is because concrete is amazingly strong under compression, and steel is very strong under tension and can flex. Wood can rot, be eaten by termites, its susceptible to water damage, etc. A lot of wooden structures have to have their timbers replaced or repaired as time passes. The great thing about stone, concrete, and steel is that if steel is locked into concrete and the concrete is poured right and is strong, there is little to no maintenance required. This is another anti-vaxxer movement

*"trees are running out" "lets build huge buildings with it!"

*Jet fuel can’t melt wood

*Jet fuel can’t melt wood

*This is by far the most stupid idea I have ever seen, even a British accent can't make look good. We need to grow more trees not to cut them down and wood is more expensive than concrete and processing it into a suitable material would increase the cost even further.

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