A guy Gives Away $500 Food to People in Slums

Although it seems like a very good work which I strongly agree, but do you know what made him do this? Well, nowadays most of the famous people doing the same I can't really blame him alone for this. I'm happy that at least he acknowledged that the money he spent wasn't his own plus he gets commissions from the sponsor. But at the same time I hate when people are loaded with money and then say if there wasn't the sponsor then this video wouldn't be possible to make. SUCH A LIAR. Taking free credit.

Summary: Some one gave him money so he spends on poor people to gets more views and there for more money from his video plus he gets commissions from the sponsor. So the poor people are the victims here. They only got small meal and other people benefiting from them largely.

Let's see how people feel about him although he was just a freeloader.

1. Do you know how proud I am of you? Instead of coming to India and making a video criticizing us and abusing Indians , you decided to help us . Thank you so much I am overwhelmed.

2. Hi brother, I am from India and i have been following you since a year and i am really impressed to see you doing this social work in India. Keep it up

3. Thank u man , you did a great job Lots of love from India ❤️

4. One of the most generous and beautiful thing a human being can do in this world 🤔

5. U inspire many people surely.. Thank u for this kindness....god bless u bro.. Love u+human+respect.

6. I love how friendly you are with people. This world needs more persons like you :)

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