Apple is rotten to the core (Better not to buy iPhones)

As you probably agree that if you buy something then that thing is yours and you should be able to do what ever you want with it. You throw in the bin or repair, all up to you. But in this sh**ty apple case you can't repair it, because they think they will lose billions of $$$. Greedy scum bags! Actually I'm happy to see that so many people are fed up with this controlled money making scheme where only the big players (like rotten apple) make all the money and normal people lose.

Let's read some of the best comments:

1. One of the main reasons I do not buy Apple products.
2. One day they will sue you for pronouncing Apple for a certain amount of time.
3. Apple products are high quality, but way overpriced and their consumer practices total BS... Not worth it.
4. Apple simply has no morals. Garbage company IMO.
5. Simple! Quit buying APPLE!!!! Let Apple fry in their own greed!

6. Just shows how petty this company has become..... Burnt because of a person just trying to make a buck..... They themselves know that their repairing costs are ridiculous. Pity.
7. I'll give it a few years and apple will be irrelevant..
8. I think its a disgrace for a trillion dollar company, make everyone win please, I think when someone buys a product it's theirs to choose what to do with it
9. I had an iphone 5s worth Rs 20000 and the screen replacement cost at apple store was Rs 16000.I have moved on to Realme phone now.
10. I pay for the phone, it’s my property. I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

11. There is no other reason for Apple to be against 3rd party repair other than profit. And there should be a law against that greed! It is allowed in any other products and they want the exception? BS Apple, CRAPLOAD of BS! We should be allowed to be able to keep what we bought longer. There is no downside to it other than Apple can't get the money. It's good for the consumers' pockets, it's good for the economy and better for the environment.

12. One of the rubber key caps in my 2012 MBP was damaged and hence the key stopped working. Took it to an Apple "authorised reseller". Was told that they will have to replace the entire keyboard. Price: USD 300. I fixed the issue with a small piece of rigifoam. Price USD 0.

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