Spam Comments With Backlinks (FREELOADERS) P001

Some shameless spammers will never stop spamming however politely I ask them not to. So from now on I will delete the spam comments from the posts and make a new post, so in this way people will know these are spam sites. They (spam site owners) employ people to spam on other sites so that they can get free views and maybe some customers.

For the website owners. Listen let me give you some free advice. Trust me this is not the right way to promote your website. It leaves negative impression on the customers. If you want to promote and get customers, then do it in a formal way. Spend a little bit of money which eventually come back to you, but if you try to be stingy and spam everywhere your website will be on spam list everywhere and you will loose business. So it's all upto you spam or pay some money and get promoted in the formal way.

Commenter: manjuprabhu59
Commented on: Most hated feature in iPhone
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Commenter: Unknown
Commented on: How to download instagram videos without app
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Commented on: How to download instagram videos without app
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Commenter: James Taylor
Commented on: How to transfer files from MiA1 to laptop 
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Commenter: LETSDOIT
Commented on: Dog-Drawn Carriage
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