How stupid someone can be?

What a stupidity! on one side people are getting killed and houses are getting demolished and the other side people think their dogs are scared. When people lose their senses this is what really happens. 

Let's read some comments:

  • This is the reality of the world. Care more about dogs than human lives.
  • You cant compare a dog being distressed to children and babies being blown into pieces.
  •  The way she emphasised “TINY”. She was expecting everyone to say “Aw that is so sad. Bless them 🥺”. What a joke.
  • At first i thought this lady was being sarcastic but she was serious 🤦🏻‍♀️ Even that dog would have more sense🐶
  • When hate makes people no longer see others as human beings.
  • It's unbelievable and scary how detached from reality this people are...really...I don't know what to think anymore..
  • i saw this on reddit and everyone was dying out of laughter because of her stupidity 😂🤣
  • When your so inhumane that you think a scared animal is worse than children being killed, the nerve of this woman 

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