Deleting sent messages on Viber

Did you know that you can now delete your sent massages on viber? Well, yes that's right! So from now on no more embarrassment and awkward feelings when you send a wrong message to a wrong person or apologizing for spelling mistakes. You can just delete the sent message and send a new one, the other person won't be able to see your deleted message.

Actually the other day I have seen an article about this, so I thought why not share with you lot so that you can get benefited aswell.

How can you do that?
It's very simple, just update your Viber then click on the message you want to delete, and hold on for a second or so, then you will see few options on your screen, then click on "Delete for everyone".

So step 1: Update the Viber.
      step2: Click & hold on the message.
      step3: Click on delete for everyone.

That's all, I hope it will help you. :)

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