Security alert for motor motorbikes

No wonder we shouldn't look down to anyone. This inventor from Bangladesh has made security alert for motor motorbikes even though he didn't have much resources.

With that device you can start the ignition and turn it off by using a mobile phone. If anyone tries to start the motorbike and take it away, you get a call from the motorbike and if you receive the call it will turn the motorbike off permanently. If anyhow they managed to start the motorbike then you send a command to the device then it will turn off and they won't be able to turn it on again. And if they still take the motorbike away by truck or anything then you can find out where the motorbike is and go there to get it.

He has managed to catch few thieves with this device. After seeing this people started thinking that his device really can privent thieves from stealing their motorbikes.
This is really an inspiring story!

সিকিউরিটি এলার্ট..
রাশেদুল বারী আবিষ্কার করেন, মটরসাইকেলচুরি রোধে সিকিউরিটি এলার্ট.!

Inventor: Rashedul Bari
From: Chundipur, Bangladesh

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  1. This invention is very much beneficial for the bike riders. All of us specially the bike riders should use this to prevent thief. We salute to Rashedul Bari. I would like have such post more.


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