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Monday, 18 April 2016

How to see all voice notes on whatsapp

Have you ever wondered or wanted to know how you can get your WhatsApp voice notes, and know where you can find them?

Well, don't worry in this post I will show you how can do that, and it's pretty simple. I'm sure you will be amazed by hearing some of the old voice notes which you've sent or you've got from someone.

Before I show you how to get to the main folder where all those audio tracks are saved, let me clear one thing for you. When you going to open the folder called WhatsApp Voice Notes you will see too many folders, all are numbered like this 201609, 201612, 201613, 201616.

So how can you get to the specific voice note that you want then?
Well, it's quite simple. Whatsapp creates folders and names them as week numbers of the year. So folder number 201612 (in the example above) means that what ever voice notes I've sent or received  between 21st March 2016 to 27th March, should be saved in that folder. But unfortunately because I'm a lonely person so I've got only one voice note. Maybe from an alien.

Any way, let's see how we can get to that folder.
Step1: Open My Files and then got the Device storage.

And then go to the folder called WhatsApp after that you will find a folder called Media in this folder you'll find the WhatsApp Voice Notes. After opening the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder you will find all the numbered folders that have been created since you have installed your WahtsApp.

Ok let's make easier for you.  Go to My Files >> Device storage >> WhatsApp >> Media >> WhatsApp Voice Notes.

This tip is for android phone users only.


  1. Hy

    I don't receive voice messages , but i have the same subfulders you mentioned with √°udio files with 0kb, several of them,

    What is the reason? is that a hack scheme?


  2. You can use Opus Player if you have an android device. It organizes your voice notes per date and it allow you to delete which you want.

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