Nissan GT-R spitting flames

Nowadays we see so many health and safety requrments for drivers this sh*t and that sh*t. What about this car? It throws flames outside the exhaust pipe. What if something catches fire when the flames come out. Did you hear the noise? It sounds like proper noise polution to me.

Best comments:

* It sounds like one of those really shitty gimmicky popcorn machines that will give you two bits of nice popcorn and burn the rest.

* Sounds like its missfiring and spitting fuel into the exhaust manifold which is a form of antilag but damm thats sad.... and i dont have much mechanical sympathy but that gtr need to be driving and spitting some fire naturally.

* Many people hate noisy race cars whose drivers drive it too slow on the road! It reflects someone's desperation of begging for attention. With that kind of flaming effect thing might require you regular monthly paint job. What a waste to put on a decent iconic car!


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