How much big Youtubers really earn?

I used to think that people are not allowed to show their Youtube earning in public. Maybe because the big big Youtubers keep dragging the subject. So that people don't find out how much they are earning.
Well, Watch the video below and get the idea that how much they really earn. Although he is not that big but still the amount he is earning I can only think of that in my dream.


As you've seen pewdiepie hardly talked about how much he earns, but see the other guy who showed almost everything. That shows how sincere he is with his fans.


* You are the real  MVP for doing this, most youtubers are to p***y, to into themselves to keep it real with the audience that made their youtube career so thanks for doing this and keeping things into perspective. I wish you the BEST of success on youtube and you got a new sub.

* To be honest, I've got no clue who you are. I saw the 24k and I was clickbaited :p But I have to say I like your honesty.

*Wow, that's pretty good amount of money you get from YouTube. Thanks for sharing this. Now I wanna create content for my channel.


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