Who is browngirlproblems1

I assume by "Brown Girl Problems" you mean Browngirl problems1, right? Well, she is a Pakistani YouTuber similar to ZaidAliT and Sham Idrees. She makes short and funny videos to entertain people, and sometimes inspirational videos. Down below you will find some info about her and her channel.

Channel name: Browngirlproblems1
Channel Created: Aug 15, 2014
Subscribers: 62,477 on 23/04/2017
Most viewed viewed video: Growing up as a brown girl Vs boy <= on 23/04/2017
Real name: Rukhsar
Age: 24

Birthday: February the 9th
Which part of Pakistan is she from?
Ratta, Azad Kashmir  

Where is she from in the UK?
She is from Sheffield, England.

How many siblings does she have?
Two brothers and two sisters and she is the youngest one.

Snapchat: Roxnaaz
Instagram: @rucksar_official
Facebook: Browngirlproblem1

And you can find more about her by watching the videos below.

The video below will make you cry and you might start giving some time to your 
mother instead of sticking to your phone day and night.

You might find money later on in your life, but once your mum has gone, you will never get her again.

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