Why people should stop being too emotional to some animals

By reading the title you probably thinking that I'm a cruel person. Actually I'm not, in fact I don't like any living animal to be suffered unnecessarily. But sometimes you need to think about the situation where there are in. Here is a perfect example.

This YouTuber uploaded a video about rolling log mouse trap. Where he put some water in the bucket under the rolling log, so that when mouse falls into the bucket it drowns straight away without much suffering for long time. But many soft hearted people started complaining how cruel he is by letting them drowned in the water.

So he made another video where he didn't put any water in the bucket. And in the morning he saw one and half mice. Well, one and half because one ate almost half of  another mouse. So which one is more cruel?

Really people need to learn how to balance something. It reminds me once I uploaded a video on YouTube where people have killed a big snake (someone sent me that video). Very soon that video got few dislikes and it was showing that it will not earn any money from the ad. So I deleted it. I think someone must have reported that video as cruel or something.

So here are few things to note about the deleted video. Did the guy (who disliked or reported) know why those people killed the snake? What if that snake was not from extinct species and might have bitten someone? What if they killed it to eat? Do you think by disliking the video and make delete from YouTube will make them not kill? And so many other questions can be asked, so please try to be reasonable and don't go with the flow. To be kind to animals is very good character but try to find out the situation first and then decide which side you want to lean.

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