Celebrities Speak Out On Fame and Materialism

What ever they are saying kind of makes sense because once someone gets almost everything what they want in life, then they don't have any new things left to enjoy, and what ever they see they think oh I've already got that one or I can get that at any time. Once they get bored in everything they try to calm down and look for love and think how can they mix with normal people (because rich people hate each other), but they can't because normal people think rich people are way too high above them so they don't want to mix with them. And that's when these rich people feel lonely and start saying oh money doesn't buy you love. Well, money certainly buy many things which could be source of love.

Why rich people feel lonely?
As I've said rich people always compare wealth of each other and think how can they get more money than each other and because of that they start hating each other. And when they don't find love in rich people they try to come back to the poor people, but poor people stay away from them because they think you can't trust the rich people or rich people are way to high above them so it's better to stay away from them.  Now you get the result loneliness.

If they don't like money, why don't they give it away and start living as normal people? There are plenty of poor people in the world. They will keep saying these words but they can leave their lavish lifestyle.

Go to the people who are in need of money and say "Money doesn't buy you love" they will certainly show you what money can do and what it can't. You probably for forgot where and how to spend your money.

Some comments:
* [They should give away their money then. stop whining about everything lol]

* [Fame, materialism and all the rest of it only enhances the life you currently have. you can be perfectly happy without it, but if you choose to pursue it, i think that's perfectly fine too as long as you don't let it override your life]

Sorry! I had to show other side of the story because these ultra rich people became so rich that now they think that money is almost useless, but I'm with the poor people because I know very well how it feels if you don't have much money or you don't have it all.

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