Exposing crazy BD's Home Made Wireless Charger

This is why I'm starting to think that fooling people and lying to them is quick way to get more attentions and more views and money. Because I've experienced with myself that if you try to say the truth people and give them true advice it seems like most people won't believe you, because you are not a famous enough to convince them. And once you are well know famous person, you can put any shit and people will love it, and here is one example of that.


This guy from a channel called Crazy BD {although he has hidden his country name but by his comments I'm 99% sure he is from Bangladesh} made a video on making wireless charger. Just by cutting the wire and rapping with copper wire and aluminum foil and gluing a huge magnet with the charger he is charging his phone from far away. First let me tell you that this is 100000000% fake.

People already have made this kind of fake video on YouTube and got millions of views and tons of money. And this guy is trying his luck as well, but the that surprises me a lot is that this guy created his channel on May 14, 2015 and till now he's got 273,133 subscribers and 47,157,138 views and he is still not happy and trying to get more views and subs by making fake videos like this.

I'm not saying all his videos are fake. There might be many videos real but after watching last few videos I'm having doubt on him that he is really going for views and money now. And I don't really feel sorry for his fool subscribers who think that what ever he does is real and liking his videos and promoting them.

How did I know that  is from Crazy BD Bangladesh?

Under one of his video he replied a comment by saying "Farmgate a paben 350 tk" meaning You will find it in Farmgate and cost will be 350tk and Farmgate is place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, plus he used tk (Taka) which is Bangladeshi currency. I think that gives you a very pretty solid clue in which country he lives in.

A guy from Bangladesh makes about £26.8K - £428.9K (about 2697.6K tk - 44407.9K tk ) still not enough for him so he started making fake video. Well, I don't blame him because all comes down to people. People are the reason why he had to act like this. This showed me one thing, if you want be successful go with the flow. If people like fake stuffs shove them with fake stuffs and rip the benefit. 

I'm sure over 90% visitors won't make it to this far because reading this kind of post is wasting time for them but they will enjoy hours after hours with fake videos and stuffs. So waste your life I mean enjoy your life with fake things.


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