Where is Crazy BD from?

I've seen many people asking in the comment section on many of his videos but I couldn't find any comment directly from Crazy BD saying where is he exactly from. But people keep asking him and he doesn't reply to them, so I thought why not do bit of a research and help the people who want to know a bit about him.

Well, if you see his about page you might see that the channel country has been set to United States but by reading his reply of many comments I'm sure he is from Bangladesh.

Here is one example, under one of his video he replied a comment by saying "Farmgate a paben 350 tk" meaning You will find it in Farmgate and cost will be 350tk and Farmgate is place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Plus he used tk (Taka) which is Bangladeshi currency. I think that gives you a very pretty solid clue in which country he lives in.

If you want to know bit more about him then you can click here.


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