Paul Joseph Watson Leaving Youtube Until They Change Their Policies

You probably already know about him. He is a well known YouTuber with 1million+ subscribers and 222,638,652+ views. I recently found out about him and watched some of his videos. I've found that he is quite straight forward in exposing stuffs which in many cases are so true. Unfortunate it seems like many people don't like the truth so he's now banned from Facebook.


I'm specially sharing him here because he brought up the issue of YouTubes censorship. Well, I'm so happy that someone big YouTuber like him came out with this issue. Otherwise who cares about small YouTubers, although they go through the same fase as well. And YouTubes censorship getting ridculous day by day. They take reports/flags from any Tom, Dick and Harry too seriously. Come on! nowadays you can't even say a thing without offending someone. People get offended by any shit. Even I'm writing this with some strong words, some websites listed this as an adult site because of that and said it's not safe for children. Although I've seen many parents swearing front of their kids and kids themselves swear 24/7 none stop. But that seems completely fine, right? Really some times I don't really get where the society is heading to.

Some of his other videos:


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