Is YouTube dying?

I was kind of thinking this might be going to happen sooner or later because of YouTube's policies. And you know what, it's already started happening. I have already explained a bit about how YouTube's policy may affect negatively. I hope YouTube comes up with something to keep it alive.

Well, although it's bad news for many creators but it's good news (for a short while, because you will get very few new videos like that in the future if YouTube keep blocking the ads) for people who would love to watch car crashes, animals get eaten alive by lions, tornadoes hurricanes, earthquakes and so on. Because by watching those videos you don't need to watch all those unwanted annoying ads any more. At the same time people who create videos like those in a hope that they will make some money out of it, getting frustrated of demonetization of their videos.

Forget struggles of the small YouTubers even big YouTubers started promoting their videos through ads (as ads) as you can see the below picture. That shows how desperate they are for views, so that they can earn a bit more money. I've started noticing this kind of ads quite a lot nowadays. And seen some big YouTubers saying no point making any videos if you get demonetization most of the times.

At the end I would just say YouTube might wanted to control the ads to please advertisers by angering the content creators, who are the main source of showing ads and getting the ad revenue. The video at the top explains more about this problem and gives some suggestions how YouTube can overcome this situation.

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