That shows how stupid some religious people are!

I knew this guy would do this kind of stuffs or even worst and he can't be bothered listen to his hard core fans, yet those hard core sheep will never stop watching him and supporting him. This guy got his initial boost by making videos which support religious views to play with the emotions of dumb religious people. And those dumb people thought this guy is doing good for them and their religion. But they didn't know that this guy had another plan in his mind and that is to get famous and rich. He doesn't care about his religion.

I've already talked about this scumbag long time ago and I don't like to waste my time behind him. I just felt sorry for those dumb people and thought even now they can rethink about supporting him by watching his video. Honestly speaking most of his videos are fake and waste of time.

Here are some comments of those people who are not happy with his latest videos.

1. "I'm slightly confused... Are thought you were quite religious and followed Islamic? This doesn't conform to Islamic values. I am not judging, I stating an obvious point. May the Almighty forgive all of us including myself for any sinful actions."

2. "The first time.....I'm kind of disappointed tbh...I still love your vids and you and your fam...but, no not this."

3. "Wow Adam.... U were supposed be a role model for ur audience so disappointed in you this is one of the signs if the day of judgement (guys don't hate i'm just giving my opinion)."

4. "Adam you changed I thought you nice guy now what you don't care. About your deen ???? Sorry no offense."

5. "This ni*ga Adam never got his *icked licked. I don’t understand why he makes videos like this. I mean look at his audience they are bunch of 12 years old who wear hijab. This is a very bad look Adam. What’s next a sex tape with slim since you only be with girls only on music videos. Bro you make your family look bad. Really bad. Your younger must be disgusted at you for doing this. This fame this 12 years old girls given you had gone to your head."

Well, what ever you say this guy is not coming back to you. He is fooling everyone to gain his own profit, but only few people will understand that. Some might stop watching and supporting him, but there are plenty sheep out there who will support him till their death beds.

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