Why many people don't trust mainstream media

If you haven't seen the video then I would recommend you to watch it first then you will how mainstream media lie and play tricks with our mind. I've stopped trusting them long time ago, but this video proved me actually what I did was right.

After watching the video you can enjoy the comments below and find out how other people feel about  mainstream media too. I just feel sorry for those people who just fall for their (mainstream media) sweet words and stuff. Remember words, grammar and stuffs not everything.

Anyways here are the comments:

1. Statistics show that everyone who drinks water eventually dies.

2. And this is why I stopped watching TV years ago. The news is just people above pushing their personal agenda's.

3. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." ~Mark Twain

4. Person who doesn't watch news is uninformed. Person who watches news is misinformed.

5. Big Media has lied to me since 1960. I believe nothing on television. The truth is broadcast only by accident.

6. The news is a very negative impact on this whole society the best option is not to watch the news and you will live a much better life away from all that negatively they always talk about murder and sexual assault like crazy they make it seem like the world is a very bad place which indeed it is not that bad as it seems. I never watch or listen to what they try to shove down my throat.

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