How people reacting after passing the Article 13

It seems like Article 13 is just to give big companies more power and make normal people helpless and kill the creativity. There is a saying "Money talks and bulshit walks" where ever free money involved people will make laws to grab them.

There's also a possibility that the main stream media have lost there influence so much nowadays so that they had to come up with something to take back control.  Simple solution for this to not watch or follow the main stream media and dump them. Just hit them where they feel pain the most (in the wallet). If the people now start going back to the main stream bias media again, then they will be very happy and think that their tactics worked. By the way this copyright sh*t only works for big people or corporations not for small individual creators.

Here are some comments:

1. Time to go Pirate. Funny how new laws create more "criminals".

2. So basically EU wants to be north Korea?

3. Copyright infringement is the excuse, but not the true purpose. Censorship, surveillance and political correctness is the end game. (uh-oh, is "end- game" owned by Marvel?) Whoever controls the information, controls the world.

4. Thanks for explaining this Had no idea what this is about. As an American. This is absolutely disgusting behavior by European government.

5. I can see YouTube pulling out of EU. It's censorship and control.

6. I thought this was an April 1st joke...then I realised it wasn't. I'm depressed now :-(

7. Finally someone out of the EU is talking about this madness! Thanks Brian

8. Well eu now is a new China, in term of censorship.

I'll leave you with that for today, I hope you got the idea how stupid governments are getting day by day or may I say how they trying to control people and make them criminals for small things. If I were the owner of YouTube or any social media, I would've just banned EU to teach them a lesson. Just imagine if Google disappear for one day with all it's services (Google maps and things), I'm sure EU would loose its sh*t.

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