How to gain followers on tiktok fast

If you are new on TikTok and you want get followers fast then here are few proven tips for you. 

1. Be consistent (3 post a day in the morning, afternoon and evening) .

2. Engage with your audience.Try to reply the comments or at least like them.

3. Pay attentions to trends, popular challenges, # tags and sounds.

4. Video quality (lighting and background).

5. Find a niche and stick to that category.

One more thing. This tip will help you grow even if you don't do any of the above. Get followers by following. You might think well I'll have very long list of people who I'm following even though I don't like to watch most their videos. Well you don't have to watch all their videos. What you will do is, you going to look for people who recently started Tik Tok and their following and followers are almost same or their following list is much higher than the follower list.

It's most like that those people will follow you and you can leave them like that until your channel get quite lot of followers and you start getting followers naturally then you can slowly unfollow them.

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