Stealing money from a blind person

A Youtube prankster made a video to see who's more honest in telling a blind guy that he has the winning ticket?

Surprisingly it seems like rich people are most likely to be greedy then poor people. I don't get this! why are they so greedy for? In my own real life I've seen so many greedy and stingy rich people, they try their best not to let a penny go away.
You might say, well, not all rich people are like that some of them are very nice aswel. Yes you are right and I agree with you, but most rich people are stingy and greedy that's why people think bad about all of them.

 Here are few comments let's see what people want to say.

Earl Duthler:
This quick experiment matches what I've seen in life.

Noran Haider:
Poverty is in morals not in wealth

Paul Patterson:
Not surprised at all, the poor give way more than the rich to charities in percentage of their wealth. Well know fact the rich are more greedy when it comes to money.

Philip Langley:
Not surprised at all. Here in Perth, any door knocking charity will confirm that they get way more money from poor suburbs than from the wealthy ones.

Hannah Marie:
I watched the clip...good on this guy for doing what he did. Absolutely disgusting human beings that lied and kept the ticket for themselves while others that have nothing are more honest! I mean really?! How low can you rich pricks go? Pretty damn low that's for sure!

Russell Charles Elliott:
Is anyone really surprised Those who have a lot always seem to want more Yet those who have nothing want to share Greed is such a vile characteristic but so common in the world in which we live.

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