How can you compare size of a country with another visually?

If you are a geology student or a normal person who just wants to compare a country with another country but don't know how to do that then don't worry in this post I'll show you how easily you can compare between two countries.

We usually get fooled when we try to compare a country with another by looking at the Google map. You probably thinking wow can Google map make mistake? Well, it's not about Google can make mistake or not. It is very hard to represent our almost spherical world on flat piece of paper.

To make it clear I took a screenshot of Africa and Greenland from Google map then put together in a picture and it looks almost the same size even though Greenland is only 2.166 million km² and  Africa is 30.37 million km² according to Wikipedia.

So how can you compare then?

Well, there is a site called if you go to the site you will see a search box on the top left hand corner just search which ever country you want to compare. Then the country will be highlighted and you will be able to hold it and move around, you can even tilt it by tilting the compass bottom left-hand corner. To delete the highlighted country just "right click" on it and it will be deleted.

I'm not sure how accurate it is but it maybe more accurate than Google because that site will increase and decrease the size of a country near the north and south pols.

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