New £5.00 polymer note sold for £80,100.00

Long time ago I wrote a post about a guy from Canada sold a hot glue tree for $1,075.00 and I thought people have gone mad these days, but I got even shocked when I saw a video on Youtube where a guy recorded someone sold a new £5.00 polymer note for £80,100.00

You might still be able to see the page where it says bidding has ended on this item by clicking on this link.

I just wish if I had just one of these notes. Let's see what other people say about it.

*Just makes you wonder how much an 'AA' or 'AK47' could be worth in a decades time... Might be worth holding onto rather than rushing for a sale.*

*You know the buyer won't pay 80k and nothing will happen if they don't pay. Instead of saying someone has paid 80k say someone has placed a bid for 80k. Peace*
Well, that kind of make me think but there are some people on earth they really do pay huge amount for small shit. Unfortunately according to to The Sun that guy didn't receive the money and the buyer was a drug dealer.

*The seller can just create new accounts and pretend to bid on their own things so people think it is popular or really worth it. then dont have to pay a dime if it doesnt sell for more.*
Hmm,  this could be true. I heard many people do that to trick buyers.

Unfortunately the price has gone down, if you want you can see it for yourself by clicking here.

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