Sheikh Akbar's been removed from Wikipedia

Well, recently when I searched Sheikh Akbar's name on Google I've noticed that there's not a Wikipedia page for him, although he had one before. Instead of his page on Wikipedia it was showing Karim Metwaly's page. 

I'm not sure what's going on, I thought Wikipedia is not bias towards anyone or anything but how can they remove someone who is already well known. They will redirect you to Karim's page when ever you click Sheikh's clickable link on Wikipedia. Funny thing is that they have removed Slim Albaher's name as well. I don't really mind about that because this guy (Slim) got free promotion from Adam Saleh although this guy clearly didn't help Adam to build his channel (TrueStoryASA). I think they should have called it FakeStoriesOfAdamSaleh because his videos are full of lies, even Wikipedia exposed some of them, but you will still see many people run after him.

By the way let me tell you one more fun fact. I don't know who is editing Wikipedia nowadays, if you click on Karim's page on Wikipedia then click on his YouTube channel link, it will take you to page where is says "This channel does not exist.".

Note for who ever edited Karim's page:
I don't know if this will reach you or not but if it does then please try to make sure that you put the actual links. Here is the example what you did wrong.

Your link on Wikipedia is:
And the real link is:
He has changed his name that doesn't mean that if you put the name after (/user/) it will work.
{Well, they have fixed the link but didn't add Sheik Akbar, seems something fishy here}

Any way, coming to the main point. So because Wikipedia removed Sheikh Akbar that doesn't mean he is dead and people won't know abut him and trust other websites. You can always find out about him on plus I'll add some of his social media sites below.

His social media sites:
Main Channel:

If you want to add something more then please write it down below with proper source, preferably direct to Sheikh's posts or video. Thanks


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  1. FakeStoriesOfAdamSaleh? More Like FalseStoryASA.


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