YouTube Annotations is going away from 2 May 2017

You probably already know what annotation is so I won't really go into it. I just want to say that those annoying annotations will soon go away as YouTube has announced it today. I used to dislike those annotations if I saw too many in one video, but as a content creator sometimes I used to use it in my videos. But rarely some one used to click on them , plus it didn't work on mobile devices.


Reason to discontinue:
  1.  Annotations doesn't work on mobile devices and 60 percent of YouTube’s watchtime now on mobile.
  2.  After adopting End Screens and Cards (these two work on mobile devices) the use of annotations has decreased by over 70 percent.
  3. People don't like it and it generate seven times less clicks across YouTube.
  4.  Adding annotations hard at the end of the video but End Screen much easier.
If you want to read in detail you can always visit the YouTube's official blog or just by searching   Keep fans engaged with Cards & End Screens as we say goodbye to Annotations Editor on Google.

Some people might still miss it but I think it's fine, finally the annoying boxes will go away. Oh I forgot to say the old Annotations will stay but you won't be able make a new one or edit the old one. You will only be able delete the old ones. I say just delete and let people watch your video in peace.


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