Donald Trump PUSHES a NATO Leader to Get to the Front of the Pack

This video is trending on number #2 and maybe soon number #1 where it shows that Donald Trump pushed one of the NATO leader so that he can be seen at the front. According to the uploader "The man Trump pushed is Duško Marković, the Prime Minister of Montenegro."

Best comments:

1. [Do the people who voted for Trump use him as a role model for their children? If so, we are screwed into the next century.]

2. [An orange buffoon! USA should be ashamed with this clown as president]

3. [My 6 year-old wouldn't do this at his elementary school group photo taking.]

4. [As an American citizen, this is disgraceful and an absolute embarrassment.]

5. [Wow, trump is such a strong leader. Just amazing. Showing some real strength there. Numpty trump thinks this is the way to show strong leadership. Clueless hack... smh]

6. [America doesent say "excuse me' we say move or we'll move you by force go pres. trump]

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