Zaid Ali T *EXPOSED*

I'm sure many of the Pakistanis will not likes this post because they can't even imagine that their idol can do anything wrong. Here I've found one video which explains how Zaid Ali steals ideas and not just general idea but he steals 90% some times 100% of the original video.

I understand that he has gone through some rough time in his life. People didn't like him, called him ugly and all that so he might be tried to show them that he is not as useless as they thought. And probably because of that he started coping other peoples' ideas, tweets and so on. But once he got millions followers and subscribers he really shouldn't do that any more.

Jibon Ikram a Bangali guy who has made the above video about him (Zaid Ali) of stealing, got so many dislikes on that video, and that was one of the reason I'm writing this post. I've tried my best not to lean on one side but unfortunately it seems like Pakistanis are too blind and backing up f their own kind even though they do wrong things.

I'm sure Jibon just wanted to tell people that it's not good for some famous person to steal ideas from less popular people and get huge amount of views and money, and the poor original creator don't even get shout out.

Finally let me finish this post with some hard core fans of Zaid Ali commenting on that video and you will find how insane these people are.

1. [He is my fav YouTuber and I don't care what he does to make us laugh
 He is making us laugh
Making us happy
That's all i care about]

2. [Zaid ali is orignal and you are fake mental crazy I love zaid ali]
3. [shutup ...your bloody mouth...zaid ali is original .I love zaid ali actually u r fake .asal m tum khud hi jalte ho zaid ali se HUH]

4. [I am zaid Ali's fan, I don't think he copies and even if he deos he's videos r much much better, that's the the reason y he's popular.] Once you start loving someone, you start enjoying everything he/she does and you might even find most unfunny thing funny if your loved does it.

5. [This stupid looking guy is just jaleous from Zaid Ali's popularity on social media that's why he is giving lame excuses to decrease Zaid's fan following.]

6. [but still zaid ali is best because his acting is natural and he copy a little and add some more of his own] << This guy really don't have any clue at all.

Well, not everyone was sheep like few above commenters, but some people were really nice and understood the matter. And by reading this kind of comments above you can very easily understand how stupid these people are, and because of these sheep lot of celebrities making tons of money of other peoples' ideas and if someone comes up to say something about it, these sheep try to stop them by disliking, reporting and stuff. Use your brain people, use your brain. And don't be stupid and blind followers.

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