Most ridiculous fine ever! $2.7 billion?

By watching the video above you probably already found out that EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced a record breaking antitrust fine against tech giant Google.

Ok, let me make it clear first, I'm not an expert in law and stuff but as a normal person I want to know few things here. And I think any normal person who has some brain and thinks logically might agree with this. So she want's to fine Google $2.7 billion because it showed items of big competitors at the top of its search results.

Question 1:  Is Google privet property or public property?

Of course it's a privet property. So, let's say you have a website and hundreds of millions of people come to your site to get benefit from it. And of course everyone thinks of their own benefits first, as the visitors think the same (it's human nature). So of course you going to show all those things first which gives you the most benefits. He will be the dumbest person who puts things at the front which doesn't help him. To be successful you always choose the things that benefits you the most. Don't you?

So in this case Google did the exact same thing which any normal or who wants to be successful person would do. So why would anyone be bothered to interfere in this. If you want to put your products at top of search result then pay for it. You can't get free promotions everywhere, can you?

Question 2: Goggle came to Europe so when it came in, it should be regulated with European laws.

Well, people who don't know how internet works would think like this. First of all you don't need to go to a country to show things on your site. For example: You are searching for a picture (which saved on a computer in UAS). So when you send a request to that computer, it reads the query and then gives you access to that particular picture. So now you tell me if Google saves all its data in USA then what can you do about it? You are the one who are going there not Google coming to you. I know you might say Google has savers in Europe too. Well, that maybe true but do you really know what kind of data Google saves in there? If it does save some data, but you can't regulate all its data because it has saved some data in Europe. Can you?

What about Google's specific sites for specific countries, doesn't is save data of that country in that specific country? For example: for Germany and is for UK.

Well, another stupid question again. It's just a domain name, it doesn't need to be in that specific country.  All the texts, images and videos maybe saved in another country.

Question 3: Do they really care about small competitors?
It is a good question. As I've experienced myself. If you are a small and unknown guy trying to start a business and you don't have someone known in the top level in the market then it's most likely that those are at the top will treat you like piece of sh*t. And they will do what ever they can (by increasing prices and stuffs) to put you down, so that you don't even start a business in the first place forget about competing them. Where does the antitrust law go then?

Question 4: Will this lady give money to the small competitors if she wins? 
I highly doubt she will give the money to the unknown competitors. It seems like those money will definitely go into her pocket and pockets of those who are with her at the top. They don't have any useful work to do beside come up with some ridiculous ideas like this one and rob billions of dollars for and just by naming that they are with poor people. In fact they don't give a sh*t about poor people.

I'm saying it again, these are only my thoughts and I just wanted the meaningful answers.

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