This is why Sk tv is not reliable

If you don't know what SK tv is then here is a small description of it. It's a Bangla news channel on YouTube, Joined 11 Jul 2016, 376,555 subscribers and 156,794,605 views.  It has started as a solo news reporting of different things around the world. First people didn't take it seriously and probably took it as a joke and entertainer. But slowly slowly this small channel became a giant even some of the Bangladeshi official news channels don't have that much subscribers.

Reason of his success:
This guy knows how to grab people's attention and herd a huge amount of sheep (people who don't use their brain) very easily. The way he does it, is just by going with flow. That's the best rule I've found watching his videos, although I don't have any interest of wasting my time watching it any more.

If anyone wants to be like him then you can note these few things.
  • Attention grabbing titles (doesn't matter if the video is almost or completely different than the title). 
  • Make sure you photoshop all the thumbnails. Because it doesn't matter about the contents first you need to hook the fish first and then you are sorted. Most of the viewers are like cows and sheep. They don't look for quality (real) contents. They just look for things that make them happy and it looks nice (it doesn't matter if the pictures or other contents are completely irrelevant).  
  • Take religious emotions as your weapon. You know there are many religious sheep (those people are special kind of sheep) out there who get very emotional when anyone say something that backs their points, you can take that opportunity to boost your views. 
  • Use the word "Just now, Recently, It's happening now or words similar to these" in your title to make people think that you got the most fresh news or conten ever. Although it might be taken long time ago or other people already had reported it.

Most ridiculous thing I've noticed is that this guy won't be hesitate to produce news which probably can encourage terrorism. In a video he said about Bangladeshi border guard that "What you lot doing? Myanmar's helicopters and drones are breaching Bangladeshi airspace and you lot couldn't even fire an empty shot! Give your weapon to the normal public and go home and wear bangles and shari (shari is special women's cloth)." That means go home and stay at home like most girls and women do.

As you can see I've included 2 of his videos above. In the first video he bashes the Bangladeshi border guard and in the second video he praises them.  That proves that this guy is a completely A**hole, he will say something now and the next minute will say completely the opposite. And this is not his first time. In one video he made Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan hero for helping Rohingyas and talking about them, then in other video he blamed him by saying that he (Turkish President) doing that for his own gain. And there are lot of other examples like this which you can very easily find out just by watching few of his videos.

The main reason (which I think) is to get views, so that he can get more YouTube money. He's not bothered about real news or what people think of him. This guy want views by producing video which can be directed both ways (negative and positive). Just by going with the flow, which ever way he thinks he will get more views he directs his video that way.

The final thing I want finish this off by that most lazy a** people won't read this to find out the reality but in fact they will love to be sheep and waste their life watching this kind of useless videos.

Note: The points I've included above in his success might some people think that if I do that then it will be called deceiving people. Well, my friend you can't be successful over night by doing what normal people do. Nowadays most people online are just bunch of sheep and don't have commonsense. They will follow you and be one of your robots (you can call them pets as well if you want to, that's how they act really), and will spend hours watching your videos. You just need to feed them with garbage they want, doesn't matter if it's real or fake just need to be enjoyable. Well, sometimes they might get a bit crazy if some pokes them (with reality) but eventually dust will settle down and they will be like sheep as they were before. These (senseless sheep) are the reason why people deceive other people. Because everyone looking for way of making money, but those people can earning the most who can deceive. So why the f**ck people will stay straight forward, normal and real person?

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