Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to see and save WhatsApp's sent pictures?

Did you ever think that where your pictures get saved and how you can acces to it, or move them to different album?

Some people might think it's not a big deal to see your sent pictures on whatsapp. You can do that by opening the WhatsApp >> then choose the person >> go to the top and click on the person's name >> and click on the Media.

Well, you are right and I really like the way WhatsApp organises all the sent and received   pictures, and you  can see which picture has been sent to which  guy, but I didn't find any option to copy any picture or video. So this post will be about how you can get to the WhatsApp's sent picture folder and see where those pictures are saved.

There are two option you can choose from.
Option 1, short cut way:
Go to My Files >> click on the search box at the top and search and type sent then click search >> now you will see lots of sent folders, just start with the top one. Hopefully that will be the WhatsApp's sent picture folder. If that was different one on your mobile then go back and try another one.

Option 2, long way:
Go to My Files >> Device storage >> WhatsApp >> Media >> WhatsApp Images >> Remember in this folder you will find all the images you've received then at the bottom you will find a folder called Sent in that folder you will find all the images that you have sent.

And now you can see some of your old pictures that you have send to someone and have some laughs. :)

This is for Android phones only I'm not sure about other phone.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Hot glue tree sold for $1,075.00 on eBay!

Yes, you read it correct. This Youtuber called ElectroBOOM managed to sell his simple hot glue tree to one of his (most probably) fan for $1,075.00. I was thinking that how fool that guy would be to buy a simple hot glue tree for that much money. I know some people have lot of money which they just want to waste in anything, but who buys this useless thing which maybe lose it's value in few days or few months.

People used to tell me that if you know how to sell stuffs, then you can just grab some soil from the ground and sell it at the rate of gold. And now I've found out that yes they were right. You just need to know how to put it right. I just feel sorry for those hard core fans who just want to do anything for their idol and the idol treat them as sheep. Come on guys use your brain.

This was part of his description on ebay.

"O_O I can't believe my eyes! So I'll have make it better now:
Hi there,

I am Mehdi Sadaghdar of ElectroBOOM (the YouTube channel) and 3D printed a tree using hot glue. I don't need this magnificent artwork and so I leave it here for the highest bidder. I'm sure you will cherish this master piece for years to come. And when I am at Brad Pitt level, the tree will be worth something!

*I don't need this magnificent artwork.
 That's because it's useless, just melt it to join something. That is why it made for.

*When I am at Brad Pitt level.
 Well, by that time this tree will be either lost, broken or melted into something else.

At the end I just want to say that it's your money, spend where ever you want and as you wish, but spend it wisely so that you don't have to regret afterwards.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

How to see a Google+ post without login to your account?

You might be thinking that what's so hard about seeing a post without logging in to your account?

Well, if you use an android device then you usually/always logged in to that device, so that you can use Google play and other stuffs. But if someone removes (for some reason) his account, then he can't access to those things. So if you try to click on a Google+ link then (after removing the account) it tries to look for your account first and if it doesn't find it, it says login to your account.

Option 1, step1:
To avoid that hassle what you need to do is that, click on the link and hold it for a second or so. Then you will see an option like the picture at the top.

Option1 step2:
Copy the link address and paste into your addressbar then click Go. If this doesn't work then try the next option below.

Option2, step1:
In this option you just need edit the url a bit from the end. In the example above (what you can see in the picture), delete what ever you find after the question mark and including the question mark. So you will be left with URL like this.

Option2, step2:
After making sure that you have not deleted a single character before the question mark (?),  click Go. And I'm sure you won't have a problem after this.

If you are curious about knowing what was in the picture at the top, then let me tell you. It is about a child who's got lost. And there was a his picture of him, address and phone number on it. Obviously you might not understand it, because it's in Bangla and it happened in Bangladesh.We hope that he is probably safe by now and with his parents.
The was a picture here which might have been deleted.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

THE TOWER of Dubai

Dubai property developer Emaar intends to construct the tallest building in the world, according to Chairman Mohamed Alabbar.
The new skyscraper simply called ‘The Tower’ will be taller than the 828-meter Burj Khalifa, which is currently the world’s tallest building constructed in 2010.

Well, let them keep building towers and let's read some interesting comments and see what other people think about them.

1: Instead of wasting money on pompeous prestige projects, how about helping some of your "refugee" bretheren from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of shipping them to Europe, where they know neither the languages nor the culture?

2: Dubai already has the tallest building in the world. Don't they have anything better to do with their money.

3: What the f**k these Emirates have so much obsession with building highest towers? Look like they have so much money that don't know what to do with them.....for f**k sake help the world's poor.....or your neighbours like Syrians and Yemeni. .......Emirates are the worst people when comes to helping humanity.....too busy making money!

4: I will tell u why guys they wanna build a lot of skyscrapers u can believe me or not because they wanna be the first most city has tourists in the world. Right now Dubai became the fifth most city has tourists and they say it's not enough for them.

5: I will tell u why guys they wanna build a lot of skyscrapers u can believe me or not because they wanna be the first most city has tourists in the world. Right now Dubai became the fifth most city has tourists and they say it's not enough for them.

Well, at last this guy came up with some logic behind building these skyscrapers.
Read more..

Monday, 18 April 2016

How to see all voice notes on whatsapp

Have you ever wondered or wanted to know how you can get your WhatsApp voice notes, and know where you can find them?

Well, don't worry in this post I will show you how can do that, and it's pretty simple. I'm sure you will be amazed by hearing some of the old voice notes which you've sent or you've got from someone.

Before I show you how to get to the main folder where all those audio tracks are saved, let me clear one thing for you. When you going to open the folder called WhatsApp Voice Notes you will see too many folders, all are numbered like this 201609, 201612, 201613, 201616.

So how can you get to the specific voice note that you want then?
Well, it's quite simple. Whatsapp creates folders and names them as week numbers of the year. So folder number 201612 (in the example above) means that what ever voice notes I've sent or received  between 21st March 2016 to 27th March, should be saved in that folder. But unfortunately because I'm a lonely person so I've got only one voice note. Maybe from an alien.

Any way, let's see how we can get to that folder.
Step1: Open My Files and then got the Device storage.

And then go to the folder called WhatsApp after that you will find a folder called Media in this folder you'll find the WhatsApp Voice Notes. After opening the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder you will find all the numbered folders that have been created since you have installed your WahtsApp.

Ok let's make easier for you.  Go to My Files >> Device storage >> WhatsApp >> Media >> WhatsApp Voice Notes.

This tip is for android phone users only.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

How would you react if you see a broken plane engine like that while in the air

Well, most of us who ever flown on an aeroplane must have amazed by sceneries when we looked outside through plane windows, but I bet no one ever wants to see this one.

While most of might get sacred of this but this guy is giving us reassurance and reason why not panic.

Comment: 1
I would be a tad concerned:-) however providing that the outer casing has not touched the wing whilst shredding it's skin and that the engine has not started to fall out plus no fire then I would happily fly around like that all day long  it's only fancy casing hiding the engine which is always under massive pressure so don't panic it's no big deal fly and enjoy  ps I'm never getting on a plane again !

And some even cracking jokes about it.

Comment: 2
I was on a 747 once and one of the engines blew up and the pilot came on the radio and said ' ladies and gentlemen there is nothing to worry about I am simply going to throttle back on the remaining 3 engines , this however means we will be arriving an hour later than expected ' a little further on in the flight a second engine stopped , again the pilot said ' nothing to worry about we will be 3 hours late ' still further into the flight a 3rd engine went and he came on ' nothing to panic about we are going to be 6 hours late '. 

The irish man next to me said ' I hope the last engine doesn't stop or we will be up here all fucking day '.

And this guy even giving someone options what to do.

Comment: 3
To those who like flying, when you wake up from sleep, open the window slide, and you see this. What would you do? 
A) Get out of the plane and fix it.
B) Text your girl/boy not to find someone till you are confirmed dead.
C) Make a will for the yet-to-produce offspring of your next generation in the next life.
D) Fuck the world you are living in and get back to sleep.
E) Tell the pilot to fly to the moon so that you'd see the beauty of the earth from above and die peacefully.
F) Have a cup of tea, look out of the window and enjoy the moment of your last breath.
Pick one. 

Well, I might go for the option (A), not good hanging in the mid air for too long. lol

Friday, 15 April 2016

How to get the thumbnail pictures of your viber

Did you ever wonder or did this ever happened to you that you were going through you old viber massages and suddenly you have found a thumbnail picture then you clicked on it, but unfortunately what you saw in "File not found"? And thought to yourself that what nice it would be if you could find that picture out!

Well, don't worry any more. In this post you will find out how easily you can get all those pictures and get lost in your old memories (hopefully the nice ones).

Before I tell you how to get there, let me tell you what rally happens when you send or get any picture via viber. It actually creates a small version (you can still see and identify most things) of the big picture every time you send or get via viber. And those small pictures are called thumbnails and it get saved in a folder called .thumbnails which is in media folder of viber. But you can't see this folder without using an app or other complicated settings. You usually see like the picture below.
 As you can see there is no .thumbnails  folder in it. Any way let's get into it.

Step 1:
You need to download an app called File Manager and install it. It's a quite good app, and it's been downloaded over 50 million times.
Note: By the way, this is for Android users only. I'm not sure about other operating systems.

Step 2:
Open the app and go to Device >> Then look for a folder called viber >> Then go to media folder >> Then in this folder you will see a folder called .thumbnails click on it. And now you have reached your destination so enjoy!

One more thing I want to say that please don't start deleting everything you see, specially the program files and folders. Your phone might not work properly if you delete any of the program files/folders. If you are not a programmer then it's better not to touch those files and folders. But don't worry about the thumbnails, because nothing will happen if you delete them or copy them to other folders.


Thursday, 14 April 2016

A tweet after 7 years!

This guy called Marcus on Twitter, tweeted a tweet "Going to sleep" on 27th April 2009 and another tweet "Fuck, I slept in" came after long long time, to be precise it came after almost 7 years and people are going crazy about it.

It has been retweeted over 49,705 since then. And here are some of the hilarious retweets.

And many more.... But unfortunately he went back to sleep again and no one knows how long this time he's going to sleep for.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How to embed facebook video in mobile friendly websites

Well, in this post I want to talk about how you can embed a facebook video on a mobile friendly websites. By mobile friendly websites I mean a website when you visit with a mobile it shows you the contents in a slightly different way. If you work with website coding and stuff then you'll definitely know what I'm talking about.

Any way coming to the main point. Recently I've noticed that when you try to get facebook embed code, it gives you an iframe which looks like this.

<iframe src="" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

Note: If you just copy the link from the iframe and paste in the addressbar then it will not work. So first you'll need to get the actual link from it by changing a bit.
%3A = :
%2F = /
So now we know that the actual link is

And let's now talk about the problem, when you give a certain width and height to an iframe it gets kind of difficult for mobile sites. So instead of making iframe you can use automatic script which will sort all the problems. I mean when you use the script it will make it small for mobile sites and will make bigger for desktop sites. Let's see the script then.

<div id="fb-root">
<script>(function(d, s, id) {  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;  js = d.createElement(s); = id;  js.src = "//";  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script><div class="fb-video" data-allowfullscreen="1" data-href="">

Now you can just copy the script above and paste into your site and make sure you change the link to your own. The video below is an example of the script, and if you don't see the video then that means video might be deleted.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Endless shampoo prank

This video is going viral where a guy taking shower and tries to wash off shampoo from his head, but it doesn't go because someone was pouring on his head from behind every time it was getting washed off.

Endless Shampoo Shower Prank
America's Funniest Home Videos
The fun doesn't stop there until we read some comments.

Edna Ebanks This is the funniest prank I've ever seen in a long time I love it I love it I love it I must send this to all my friends it's great you really got a lot out of it I am quite sure.  *[Well, according to some people, this video is years old but to be entertained by something it doesn't need to be new every time I think.]*

Christopher Fairres I would of look down and see someone feet next to me..Set up prank *[How can you look down when you trying wash so much shampoo off your head and you don't like it to go in your eyes.]*

Kyle McGough I'm sure you would feel shampoo getting poured on your head, also everyone knows u don't get endless shampoo so it should of been obvious that they were putting more on him. *[Well, that's true but sometimes you can't feel it because the water is dropping from a great height.]*

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Old Parents Are Annoying

This is an inspiring video made by Sham Idrees which demonstrate how we get annoyed so quickly when our elderly parents ask something for few times.
Remember when were little boy or girl, we might have asked so many unnecessary things but most probably they have replied each time we asked with nice smile on their face.

So when they have done so much for us and now that they are old they need our love, not our money but our time. Try to keep them happy what ever little time they have left, and make the most out of it.

I remembered one story which some one told me long time ago.
An elderly person took his young son to a park and sat down on a bench. There after he asked his son.
Father: Son what is on tree over there?
Son: That is a crow.
After few minutes fathers asked again.
 Father: Son what is on tree over there?
Son: It's a crow.
The elderly person asked that few times, so his son became angry and told him, how many times do I need to tell you that it's a crow?
Then the father said my dear son, this is the same spot that we both came here long time ago when you were very small and you asked me the question 20 times and I answered each time with big smile on face.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Which Building Is Closer? Mystery solved!

Did you come across this picture of 9gag? Well, people are going crazy about it, describing which one is closer. Some even giving hard proof of the gold building being the closest.

Answer: The left building is closer. You can find out by clicking on the picture and you will see the big size wikmedia picture. Any way let's read some crazy comments and have some lough.

* I don't care about which building is closer. I can't even come closer to my crush...

* you guys think a building from them is closer, but no grin emoticon. Both are the same, they are in same line. It's just the one who captured this, is a smart guy.

* The one on the right is closer because the sun reflects on it. If the left one was closer, it would hide the reflection from the right one. [lol, 96 people even liked this comment]

* My Freaking eyes are closer!!! (It hurts!! I can't even guess which is more closer !!!) ~~ Fvck that. [Yes that happen to me too]

* The right one for the shadows . The left one if it's closer should create a shadow but it doesn't . So the right one is closer . [lol, it seems logical but what if the light coming from in between the buildings?]

* But for those who thought the right one was closer, why did you add 'Attention to Detail' on your CV ? Look at the photo using two approaches.. Top-down and Bottom-up. Tell me you see it. Obviously the left one is closer. [Well, I think he deserve an Oscar. It's true that some people pay too much attentions to small details and miss out the main point.]

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THE Tower of dubai

Thursday, 7 April 2016

What a disgusting prank!

According to In the now a little Syrian boy got pranked by a man who apparently said to the boy that run for the cover because a missile is coming, after hearing sound from a plane engine. The boy thought that's true and got scared then he run off to hide himself.
It breaks our hearts, how can people even think of making pranks like this. :(

Many people are sharing their concerns, let's read some of them.

Jacob Keaton cruel? Thats an evil prank to play on a kid who has experienced things nobody should have to go through. He'll be sared for the rest of his life constantly in fear of passing planes.

Mae Assamarrai I am an Arab so I understood what the man have said, I cannot imagine such cruelty trying to be funny by terrifying the child, such men/women are deprived of human feelings and should be treated as mentally unstable.

Ofiabodhe Emuobosa Tobore This is really an evidence that this child has witnessed horror. Cos I know if I try to prank my child this way, he will know nothing about what am saying and even still sit there and be watching what am doing instead. I feel so sad and pains in my heart.

Click here to read more comments if you want.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to share any link on Viber, WhatsApp and more

Well recently I have noticed that people would like to know how to share links via WhatsApp. Even though I have written a post on that, but that was for website/blog designers and developers. In this post I would like to share this tip for normal web surfers. Don't worry it is not a complicated thing. So let's get started.

Got to the site which you want to share, and click on the settings. You will find it on the top right hand corner like the picture below.
Click on the share. As you can see in the picture below.

Choose which ever app you want to use to send the link.

See, it is so sweet and simple!

For website developer or bloggers:
For popular demand I thought let me just do the direct link version too. So to do that what you need to do is, copy the code below end to end.

  • <a href="viber://forward?text=How%20to%20share%20any%20link%20on%20Viber%20">Viber this article</a> 

Code without the title:
  • <a href="viber://forward?text=">Without title</a>
Replace the light yellow colour section with title of your article, the light green with the link and light blue with a viber icon or a text which you prefer. I've made a example link below, you can try it out by clicking it.

Viber this article || Without title

Please remember that you can't have free space in between words of your title. So to fill it up you need to use %20.  So title of this like is "How to share any link on Viber". And that's how it will appear on the viber message when anyone clicks on the link. In fact it's better not to use write title in the link, because when you send the link they will be able to see the title anyway.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Truestoryasa split (I did not choose to live says Sheikh Akbar)

If you already know who Sheikh Akbar is and you want to know why he left TrueStory ASA then you can watch video number 3 and 7 on this page to hear what he says. And if you don't know about him then let me tell you.


He is a US born YouTuber, he made lot of videos with his 'friend' Adam Saleh and they had lot of subscribers and they were quite popular all over the world until May 11, 2015 they got split up for some reason no one really knows why.

Well, it seems like some people are still wanting to know what happen to True story ASA. If you are one of Sheikh's fan then shame on you. Shame on you all Bangalis who are fans of other than your own kind. Have you ever seen Pakistanis following Bangalis?  Keep dreaming that they are your brothers and sister until you wake up and find out it was just a dream, and your own kind gone too far you can't even see. At that time no one will come to help you out. Forget Fake story ASA his (Sheikh's) own channel is all most dead. He probably got disappointed and slowly stopped uploading videos. On the other hand the cheater got everything because of his looks and all that. Go on girls, go after the looks and money and be gold diggers.
(updated on 22/0/17)

Video 1 SPLITTING UP! Published on May 11, 2015 : Let's see what they say.

As you can see Adam has said many things in this video but in real life you can't see any of them. For example:
  • He elevated the friendship to a brotherhood, a brother who never hang around with his brother. 
  • He can and will do anything for him, yet he can't even shout out in his video for him. Forget shout out he doesn't even link his (Sheikh's) channel to 'his' channel. At the same time he is promoting his new friend's (Slim) channel right, left and center and link his (Slim's) chennel where ever possible. And of course you will find many more things that he said but he never did.

Video 2 Sheikh used to get bullied by Adam:
Who knows this could be his (Sheikh's) last and final time to get big time bullied.

Video 3 Sheikh says I did not choose to leave:
Watch from 9:45 to 10:40

After watching this now go and watch the first video and look at Sheikh's face, it seems like he has been forced to say those things. :(
Sheikh might have learned his lesson and thought no point hanging around with other strange people, that's why nowadays he hangs around with Bangalis most of the time. It really sad that we say "we are not racist and we don't like racism" but end of the day it plays huge role in our life. :(

Video 4 Moment of truth:

It is the moment of truth. Did you know that there was huge effort of Sheikh to grow this chennel? At lest he (Adam) could have invited him to this special day, or at least mention his (Sheikh's) name in the video. I feel sorry for  Adam's brain washed robots (subscribers).
Well, at least some people are rising up and started looking for the answers.
Here are some of the keywords that people are searching for.
  • why true story asa split up?
  • why is adam saleh not friends with sheikh?
  • why did sheikh akbar and adam saleh split?
  • why did adam saleh and sheikh akbar split up?
  • why did adam and sheikh split?
  • why aren't adam and sheikh friends?
  • why adam and sheikh split?
  • sheikh akbar and adam saleh split
  • sheikh akbar and adam split
  • are adam saleh and sheikh akbar friends?
  • truth about adam saleh
If you are one of those who worship Adam Saleh (sorry I had to say this because some people are so mad that it seems like they will do anything for him) you will never hear the answer from him, and if you do please do tell us in the comments below.
Updated on 22/07/2016
Well, Finally the truth is out!

Sheikh Akbar's Youtube channel

Updated on 23/07/2016

One thing I really don't understand is that, if the 3MH drama's solved then why don't Adam and Slim never do video with Sheikh? That shows there is something still going on.
Updated on 02/01/2017


How to watch exact same YouTube video on pc which you were watching on the phone

Did you ever come across this situation where you've watched part of a YouTube video on the mobile then you wanted to watch the same video on PC or opposite, but you couldn't figure it out how to do that?

You might think what's the big deal about that, you can just search the title on the YouTube and problem solved. Well, although you can search the title and find it out but it might take some time, and sometimes you might get carried away with other videos and end up finding nothing at all.

In this post I will try to show you how you can find exact same video that you want to watch.

Step 1:
If you are watching the video on mobile then you need to find out the link first. If you don't know how to do that then read this post which shows you how to get the link in detail.

You will find the 11 characters video ID like this NEKMdUS3G0s it includes capital letters lower class plus numbers, be careful copy ever single character as how it is.

Sometimes you might get mixed up with capital letter "I" with lower class "l" so if that happens just swap the the letter.

Step 2:
After getting the video Id just search on YouTube and it will bring the exact same video that you were watching.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

How to get link of youtube videos on mobile phones

Someone came up to me today and he was asking about how could he download YouTube video or download as an audio track, so that he can listen on his HiFi. After I've explained to him everything, he seems a bit confused and he told me "Sorry I'm not into these things so could you please download it for me?".

I said ok I can do it for you but I need the specific link which you want to listen.
He said "How do you do that?" Well, after showing him I thought why not make a post so that other people can get benefit too. Even though it's very easy but some people don't know how to do it, so any way let's see how you can get the link.

Step 1:
Go to the video that you want to get or share the link. Click on the share link (curve arrow) as you can see in the picture below.

Step 2:
Remember you can share via viber, whatsapp or any other app that you've installed but in this case we are trying to save the link, so click on the Copy to clipboard then paste in the Memo or any other app that you've installed. I use ColorNote and I've found it very useful.

Then you will see something like this.  This is the link, but when you watch a youtube video you usually see link like this so any way that's how you get a youtube link on your phone.

This tip is for Android phones I'm not sure about any other phones.


How to see individual facebook post on a pc

It might make you angry when you have found an interesting post on Facebook (using PC/laptop) and you want to share or bookmark that specific post but you can't do it because that page loads too many other posts too.

Well, that happened to me aswel too many times, so I've worked out the solution and thought why not share with you lot.

It's a bit tricky but once you get hold of it then it will be very easy like no other.

OK let's start....

Step 1:
Go to the post that you would like see, share or bookmark. Then click on the down arrow then click on the embed like the picture below.

After clicking on the embed button, you will see embed code like the picture below.

Step 2: 
In the embed code you will find a clear link starts with https and finishes with some numbers after posts/ and it will be between "...."
In this case our link is

Step 3:
After getting the link copy and paste into your address bar at the top then hit enter. That's all now you will see a single post like the picture at the top of this page.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Monkey is desperate for beer and people are not finding funny at all!

Posted by Funk You on Friday, 1 April 2016

This video is going viral where a monkey seems like desperate to have some beer, and it's not clear that is he doing that because he is thirsty, addicted to beer or someone made it to act like that. But it is pretty clear that most people are not happy at all.

Let's read some the comments:
Steve Virag You sick fucked up person how about I chain you up and pour beer down your throat? Scum of the earth the guy on camera May God punish you all you heartless bastards!

James Cook This is not funny at all. The monkey is tied up by the tail, is being teased and given alcohol to drink. These men deserve to be punished, this is cruel.

Nikki McNeal Eickholt I would kick someones ass for teasing my dog like that ! What kinda person treats an animal like that - poor thing is probably hungry / thirsty chained up all the time - not coo

Well, someone even demanded to take the video down.

Pricilla Sanchez Take this video down. It is not funny what so ever. This poor monkey needs to be free. And for the guy who's giving the beer, let me chain you up and see if you like it and record it as well.

Well, It is sad to see a chained up monkey's been given beer to drink, but why the most people are angry on the cameraman? He could be just a normal guy who made this video to let us know what's going on. How would you know about this action if he didn't make a video if it? At least made people aware that what's going on.

Click here to read more.

Friday, 1 April 2016

28 years age gap!

I used to think that if a guy is 5-7 years older than his partner then people might look at him differently, but some people are sharing their amazing stories on this thread and I couldn't believe it.

Let's read some of those comments...

1.  "Pshhh. I knew a guy that was 23 and his girlfriend was 49. She pulled a mom move one day at his house when I said the fuck word and she told me to stop saying it because it loses value if you say it so much. She also cooked for us and gave us life advice.... Just like a mom would do." well, that's 26 years age gap.

2.  "I'm almost 21 and partner is 45, wouldn't think there was more than 10 years between us in looks mind !. Age really is just a number, older men/women are usually more mature, don't play games, and are usually more honest as they have learnt from past experience (obviously this isn't always the case, and you can get younger people like this too) but hey i just prefer my men older grin emoticon i couldn't be more happy" well, in this one can clearly see some noticeable points aswel.

 3.  "I'm 41 and my boyfriend is 21. Other than the age difference, we have a relationship like most other happy couples. Life's too short to limit yourself." Well, this one seems opposite but most important thing is they are happy.

4.  "I'm 25 and my boyfriend has just turned 53. It works. We get on and just have fun" wow it's mind boggling! That's 28 years age gap.

When someone asked her if he could date a 25 years women when he will be 53 years old. She replied by saying "Thanks, :) the key thing is humour and a good chemistry. We'd known each other for a few years before we got together and got on really well. I considered him by best friend (still do) and it moved on from there".

Holy sh**! I'm confused now.

Measuring human waste in the wells with ultrasonic sensor

I was thinking not to write this post but then I thought it might be very useful for those people who live in rural areas and use wells to dump their wastes. I've seen people in village that they rely on visual indication of their wastes and that's pretty gross. Well, if they find out this system then I'm sure they will be over the moon.

OK, let's see the diagram and then the sketch.

//define the pins for ultrasonic sensor and leds here
int trigPin = 2;
int echoPin = 3;
int led1 = 4;
int led2 = 5;
int led3 = 6;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin (9600);
  pinMode(trigPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);
  pinMode(led1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(led3, OUTPUT);


//send a pulse and calculate how long it took to travel
void loop() {
   int duration, distance;
  digitalWrite(trigPin, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(trigPin, LOW);
  duration = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);
  distance = (duration/2) / 29.1;

if (distance >=1 && distance <=10){
    Serial.println(" cm");
    digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);


  else if (distance >=11 && distance <=20){
    Serial.println(" cm");
    digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);


  else if (distance >=21 && distance <=30){
    Serial.println(" cm");
    digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);

else {
    Serial.println(" cm");
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
    digitalWrite(led3, LOW);

Places to change:
You might need to change those green highlighted places after measuring the actual place where you going to insert the ultrasonic sensor.

* if (distance >=1 && distance <=10){
In this example we can see that if the sensor gets reading between 1 to 10 then it will turn on the led1 which is red led, and that will indicate that the well is full or nearly full.

* delay(60000);
This means that the sensor will take the readings after every minute, but if you want to get the readings even slower, then set the numbers higher.

That's all for this post and I think you can use this system in many places not just in human waste wells.