Sunday, 30 October 2016

How to control something with photoresistor


This is very simple yet very useful Arduino sketch by which you can control many things. You can measure brightness of a light and turn something on and off on certain brightness of that light.

I have made a simple rubber band gun which you fire with a laser from far away (as far as your laser light can reach).

Who does it work?
Well, it's very simple. When you shine the laser on the photoresistor it turns on the motor and when motor starts turning it releases the rubber band.

What do you need?
1× Motor
1× Led (optional)
2× 10k ohm resistors (if you don't use the led then you will just need 1 resistor)
And of course you might already got Arduino and jumper wires.

The sketch

int photocellPin = 0;     // connect the photoresistor to a0
int photocellReading;     //
int led = 4;          // connect LED to pin 4
    void setup(void) {

      pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
    void loop(void) {
      photocellReading = analogRead(photocellPin);     
      Serial.print("Analog reading = ");
      Serial.println(photocellReading);     // the raw analog reading
if (photocellReading >=500){
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
  else {
    digitalWrite(led, LOW);


Because the laser light is too bright so I've set the reading to over 500, you can change that to what ever brightness you want.

That's all for this post I hope you liked it and if you did please feel free to share this with others. Thanks

Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to get your facebook picture url on mobile


You probably thinking what's the point of this post, you can share the picture with anyone easily and download it if you you want to.

Well, that's kind of true but not everyone knows that or wants that. You might be talking about the page/post link but I'm talking about the actual URL of the picture.

You can share the post with anyone on Facebook but when you try to share that post on other platform (Twitter, Instagram or Reddit) you copy the link and post it on that platform. But if someone just wants to share the image and not the comments and stuff, how can he do that?

Well, it's simple just follow the steps below.
  1. Click on the picture you want to get URL of.
  2. Click on "View full size" and hold for a second or so.
  3. Click on "Copy link address" if you are using Google chrome.
Now let's see the examples.
a. Post link
b. Picture link
That's all now you can share link of the picture only where ever you want, and even Facebook privacy won't block you.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How safe are your pictures on facebook


Did you know that your pictures on Facebook are not that safe as you think. For example when you upload a picture of you or something and then in the privacy settings you set it as Me only or Friends after that you probably think that you are safe now. No one  (except you and your friends) can see your picture now even though they (other people) get the URL of your picture.

Well, if you thinking like that then I'm sorry to say that your thinking is not right, because the picture above is the live example and it has been loaded from Facebook directly even though it's been set to Me only in privacy settings.

You might be worried now and thinking your picture can be seen by anyone. Well, Facebook give you some kind of privacy and that is it will not show the picture to anyone except whom you choose to show until they (other people) get the URL of the picture. Once some one gets the URL of your picture and then he/she sends to other people then anyone will be able to see your picture.

How can you get url of a picture from Facebook?

It's very easy and simple.
  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Click on the picture you want to get URL of.
  3. Right click on the picture.
  4. Click "Copy Image Location" if you are using Firefox and click "Copy image address" if you're using Chrome.
I hope this post gave you some good info and if it did please feel free to share with friends

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

New £5.00 polymer note sold for £80,100.00

Long time ago I wrote a post about a guy from Canada sold a hot glue tree for $1,075.00 and I thought people have gone mad these days, but I got even shocked when I saw a video on Youtube where a guy recorded someone sold a new £5.00 polymer note for £80,100.00

You might still be able to see the page where it says bidding has ended on this item by clicking on this link.

I just wish if I had just one of these notes. Let's see what other people say about it.

*Just makes you wonder how much an 'AA' or 'AK47' could be worth in a decades time... Might be worth holding onto rather than rushing for a sale.*

*You know the buyer won't pay 80k and nothing will happen if they don't pay. Instead of saying someone has paid 80k say someone has placed a bid for 80k. Peace*
Well, that kind of make me think but there are some people on earth they really do pay huge amount for small shit. Unfortunately according to to The Sun that guy didn't receive the money and the buyer was a drug dealer.

*The seller can just create new accounts and pretend to bid on their own things so people think it is popular or really worth it. then dont have to pay a dime if it doesnt sell for more.*
Hmm,  this could be true. I heard many people do that to trick buyers.

Unfortunately the price has gone down, if you want you can see it for yourself by clicking here.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

This is why you should not lose your hope and keep uploading.


This guy opened his youtube channel back in Nov 11, 2010 and kept uploading videos. He didn't get much views on his videos until the moment of truth came after almost 6 years. One of his videos gone super viral and was trending on number one. 

The video is about him having a car crash while singing, he has explained everything in the video description that he was ok and didn't get any injuries. Not even a scratch and his car took no mechanical damage and is completely drivable. Only body damage.

This video may have gone viral because his car got crash while he was singing and the end reaction was hilarious.

Let's see what other people said:
*That's what happens when you sing some fruity ass song.*
*The car just had enough of his voice and decided to drive itself off the road to make him shut up.*
*The car committed suicide, because it couldn't stand the singing any longer.*
*Well at least he found all his change that was hiding under the seats, it just flew up to him.*
*After the crash he was like well then what song should I sing next.*
*So kid, if you having a car rolling accident. the first thing to do after the roll stop is to check if you have it recorded on the camera.*

Anyway let's come back to the point, never lose your hope and keep uploading and remember your video could be the next viral video. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

How can you compare size of a country with another visually?


If you are a geology student or a normal person who just wants to compare a country with another country but don't know how to do that then don't worry in this post I'll show you how easily you can compare between two countries.

We usually get fooled when we try to compare a country with another by looking at the Google map. You probably thinking wow can Google map make mistake? Well, it's not about Google can make mistake or not. It is very hard to represent our spherical world on flat piece of paper.

To make it clear I took a screenshot of Africa and Greenland from Google map then put together in a picture and it looks almost the same size even though Greenland is only 2.166 million km² and  Africa is 30.37 million km² according to Wikipedia.

So how can you compare then?

Well, there is a site called if you go to the site you will see a search box on the top left hand corner just search which ever country you want to compare. Then the country will be highlighted and you will be able to hold it and move around, you can even tilt it by tilting the compass bottom left-hand corner. To delete the highlighted country just "right click" on it and it will be deleted.

I'm not sure how accurate it is but it maybe more accurate than Google because that site will increase and decrease the size of a country near the north and south pols.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A kid honking at ship gone viral after 4 years


This video was published on 24th of July 2012 where a cute little girl was honking at the ship but when the ship suddenly started honking she got scared and run away. The reaction maybe wasn't funny enough in 2012 but it became alive in 2016.

Well, let's see what other people are on about:
*4 year old video trending because YouTube doesn't want you to see the Hillary Clinton expose video. Watch now!*
*That girl will be on Ellen and she'll get a lifetime supply of cargo ship trips.*

*I waited and waited for that horn and laughed my ass off at the end. None of that typical internet pushing air slightly faster through my nostrils crap.*

*Typical Woman... Gets what she wants and still not happy! Smh 😜 lol*
(Maybe this guy was trying to say that she was wating for the horn and when she heared it run away.)

 *Just dropped off another 200k refugees toot toot.* (This guy maybe meant the ship)

 Obviously you won't find everyone is happy about this video and many are saying why this video even gone viral?

Someone said why such an old video has gone viral and I saw she's got 1millon+ subscribers. That shows how hypocrite people are nowadays. I'm sure if this was her video she would've gone over the moon and love every single views of it and she already gets millions of views every day then why would this small amount of views bother her. I don't really get it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The gesture from a raccoon will make you feel happy


That was an amazing scenario where three raccoons were stuck in a skip and some one tried to rescue them by giving them a stick (plank of wood) so that they can climb on it and get out of the skip. It makes me watch again and again the moment when the first raccoon comes out and gives a nice little nod before it goes into the jungle.

Let's enjoy some comments:
 * Raccoons are way stronger than people think. They're smart, dirty, and can be really mean. But they understood that you were helping them. The first one gave a little nod as if to say Thanks Man!*

 * Something tells me if he gets in trouble in the woods they'll help him out. Favor for favor. Just like the movies.*

 * I've done this a few times, they give you the saddest look while they are in there and literally have such a happy face after you let them out.*

* I did that at my street sewer. Took the grate off and put a plank in. After they they figured it out without my help. They came up to my back sliding door to thank me. Too cute*

Well, yes if we show good characters to nature then of course they will show nice characters to us.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Why powering your entire home with wireless electricity is not a good idea!

Well, after watching the video above you will be very excited to have wireless electricity at your home so that you will not run out of sockets to plug in your devices. Although Dnews didn't point out the heath risks of the wireless electricity because they probably don't care about people's health. They know that the video will make people exited and they (viewers) will like and share and Dnews will get more views and therefore more money.

In the video above he says "Magnetic field have to be relatively close by to pick up other magnetic fields" and that's 100% correct as you can see in the video below.


As you have seen in the second video that when he puts the receiver coil close to the transmitter coil it gets more energy and that's why the led brights up more. So think about the power you need to run a washing machine from two meters away and I'm sure that electromagnetic radiation won't be good for you at all.

Anyway, let's see some other reasons why this might not happen by going through some comments.

* Yeah no thanks. It's never going to be as efficient as power cables. Power cost's enough as it is so I'm quite happy to cable power directly to a device Instead of paying extra pissing power away into thin air. *

* I'm a EE major the fact that inductance and wireless energy is far closer then you can believe. I've personally worked on one to power nanites wirelessly... but it's not just big oil, it's the whole utility Commerce... afterall how can they charge you money if everything is wireless... that's why this will never be bigger then just a house hold thing. *

Well, he is right. People can steal the electricity very easily because that wireless electricity won't have passwords like Wi-Fi as you can see in second video.

* I wonder how strong that electromagnetic field has to be to actualy permeate an entire house strong enough to induce enough electricty into a device to power it. And also, it would induce electricity into everything that contains something resembling a coil. That might include stuff you don´t want any electricity in. And i think i don´t need to mention stuff like cardiac pacemakers. And maybe i´m a little paranoid here, but our nerval system works with electric signals too. A strong enough electromagnetic field theoreticaly can mess with the signal transmission in our nerves. And that can range from beeing a nuisance to killing you within a minute. All in all, i like my electrity to be contained within cables or accus. And just to preempt any know-it-alls, i know that those have a surrounding electromagnetic field too, but those are way weaker and only spread for something like a couple of centimeters to a meter. *

Personally I think small wireless power transmitter is ok but the big one will definitely cause problems.

Monday, 17 October 2016

The easiest mousetrap I've ever seen!


This so simple mouse trap that anyone can make it so easily.  Don't worry about how he explains (measurements and stuff) just watch the full video and then you will get the idea how easy it is.

I wanted to make this at my home to try but because I don't have any mouse in my house so I couldn't be bothered. Anyway, good luck to you. I hope this video helps you to get rid off mouse if you've got any.

Some comments:

*I made this trap and she was equal to the video, and it worked perfectly. The only difference is that I will kill the mouse, I liked this idea. 

* That is hilarious! If I wouldn´t be that lazy, I would post your trap with a hamster wheel, for making mouse feel more comfortable.

* LOL Take him outside so he can come back in again. It is a mouse! A dirty pest! Do you do the same for mosquitoes?
WTH! What's wrong whith this guy? Can anyone catch mosquitoes? Mouse is thausand time bigger than a mosquito. Should have used his brain properly. lol

* He'll never get out unless he learns how to fly or hover. You could even set up an arduino and find out how many times he went to both sides.

If you want to kill the mouse then there is another easy way to make one like the video below.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

How to track your mobile data usage?


Have you ever thought about how much mobile or Wi-Fi data you using per day and how much it adds up at the end of the month?

Well, it's very easy to find that out by installing a simple app called "Internet Speed Meter Lite". It will even show you how fast is your data transmission on the top lefthand corner.

I've used this on my Samsung S5 mini and it worked perfectly fine. Obviously not all apps work on all phones but you can try it out if you want to.

Here are some feedbacks from users:

1. Cool app to keep track of your data usage. 
I have been using this for a long time. Its one of the coolest and simple app. I love it and always keeps track of data usage when using mobile data. It would be great if you could add an additional feature to give some notification for data limit per day then it would be so nice and helpful to many users.

2. Great app but have 1 problem.
This is a good app, working well, but most of the time i use Internet from my java phone through Bluetooth and this app shows the speed but didn't showing how many data i used . Pls fix this and add a option to Bluetooth... otherwise this is a great app.

3. No use count of data.
It counts the data transaction done by shareit too. Please this app is very good but i want only my Internet data info not my shareit transaction data info please take a look on it please. And then i will give 5 stars.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

How magenta colour of bentley cars was born?


Well, a very famous youtuber called "Mo Vlogs" went with his friend to a bentley showroom and the salesman was showing them everything until they came to a room where all the colour samples were on the table and salesman was saying that every colour sample has a story bihind it and he start telling the story of magenta.

"We sent one of our sales people to Saudi princess. Obviously there's a bag of samples that he takes, she looked trough the colours she wasn't happy with any, she was like I don't know help me out help me out, she looks at the nailpolish she had on, she said I want this colour. (salesman said) Of course  your highness we can just give us the bottle. She said no I can't this is my last bottle give me your nail, she paints his nail, he goes back to the factory scrapes off the nail polish and the magenta was born."


Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to find out the real youtube username?

You migh be thinking it is very simple and why am I even writing about this?
Well, you might think it's easy but not everyone will think like you and it's not as easy you might think.

There are two things here one is the channel name (can be changed at any time) another thing is the actual username which (username) can never be changed even though you get millions of subscribers.You can find the username at the end of the URL like this

Let me tell you why I chose this URL, because when I searched Karim on youtube it showed karim's two channels KARIM and KUKU that's because these two channels are related so the search engine showed these two first and some channls and videos too.


 But those two are just names of the channels not the usernames and actual username of KARIM is AreWeFamousNow and the actual username KUKU is TeamKuKuTV and full URLs are

Where can you find the URL?
You will find the url by going to the main channel page and then in the address bar at top.
Another way of finding out the username by moving your cursor over the channel name (which you will find under every video title) and the url will appear at the bottom like the picture below.
See the channel name is Daniela M Biah and the username is UCO4to6GaDElWA9sV3SrPhhw which showed up at the bottom.

 Well, that's all for this post I hope you liked. Thanks

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bodybuilding doesn't need Hi-Tech gyms

These guys are the proof that to build your body you don't need a fancy gym and too many Hi-Tech equipments.

Enjoy the video and comments.

*Next time UN asks me for donations because of starvation in Africa, ill show them this video.

*These guys are born with huge mussels.... it's bizar how muscular those people are almost if they have anabolic blood no offence.

*For them they don't need a fancy gym because they are blacks they are naturally bigger, but for us Asians we definitely need a fancy gym and good nutrition.

*Bullsh**t.. People in africa. Starving... They cand find food to eat... This noobs probably. Lives in. England or France and visit their grandmas in Africa for photoshoot.

* You just need dedication to keep going, everybody can get BIG! you only need to work HARD for it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How to compare youtube channels?


If you have tow youtube channels and you want to see what's going on and compare between them then it might be very difficult if you try to do that manually, but don't worry there is a way of doing it and it's super easy to compare between two or even three youtube channels. It doesn't matter if those channels are yours or you want to compare the channels that you are interested in.

First step:
Go to this site called www.socialblade/youtube then enter the username of your or the channel you want to compare in the search box on the top right hand corner.

In my case I have entered "Karim" so I found two of his channels. One KARIM and another KUKU.

Step 2:
Once you have found the channel you wanted then clicked on it, you will find a "Compare" button just beneath the search box like the picture below. Once you found that then click that compare button.
Step 3:
In this step you will see 3 boxes where it says "Enter youtube username" so here enter the username that you want to compare with then hit the "compare Channels" button. In my case I have entered the KUKU's username.

You probably thinking why I didn't enter "KUKU"? Well, that's because when I entered KUKU it was a different challen so I copied the code which I found next to the KUKU's original channel as you can see in the second picture from the top. I've written about how you can get originag username of a youtube channel in the other post.

Step 4:
Well, we have reached the destination and now you can see all the details.
That's all for this post I hope you like it and if you did please come back for more tips like this. Thanks :)


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Nissan GT-R spitting flames

Nowadays we see so many health and safety requrments for drivers this sh*t and that sh*t. What about this car? It throws flames outside the exhaust pipe. What if something catches fire when the flames come out. Did you hear the noise? It sounds like proper noise polution to me.

Best comments:

* It sounds like one of those really shitty gimmicky popcorn machines that will give you two bits of nice popcorn and burn the rest.

* Sounds like its missfiring and spitting fuel into the exhaust manifold which is a form of antilag but damm thats sad.... and i dont have much mechanical sympathy but that gtr need to be driving and spitting some fire naturally.

* Many people hate noisy race cars whose drivers drive it too slow on the road! It reflects someone's desperation of begging for attention. With that kind of flaming effect thing might require you regular monthly paint job. What a waste to put on a decent iconic car!


Friday, 7 October 2016

Controlling speed of a DC motor with PWM and L293D

I've already written a post about PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), but in that post you can see that I have connected the motor directly with the Arduino board there. And in this one I've used a L293D motor driver which can handle high voltage so that you can use high powered dc motor.

About the pins:
As you can see in the picture above tha pin number 1, 16 and 9 are for Arduino 5v.
- Pin number 2 is to control the motor and according to my sketch it is pin number 2 in Arduino aswel.
- Pin number 3 and 6 are for motor.
- Pin number 4, 5, 12 and 13 are for Arduino GND and GND (-) of external power aswel.
- Pin number 8 is only positive (+) of external power.

int motor = 2;

void setup() {            
  // initialize the digital pin as an output.
  pinMode(motor, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(motor, OUTPUT);


// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(motor, HIGH);   // turn the motor on.
  delay(5);      // wait for miliseconds
  digitalWrite(motor, LOW);  // turn the motor off.

The yellow highlighted number is the duration of motor given power from the external battery.
And the green highlighted number is the duration when motor will not spin and of course you can change these numbers to make the motor spin faster and slower.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Why I did not get 10GB of data in EE data sim?

Well, recenty I bought a data sim which has 10GB of data preloaded plus £5 credit in it. When I put it in the phone and saw the status, it was saying that I got 48 MB left.

I got shocked! But don't worry let me tell you what really happened there. This sim is so good that it gives you 50MB of data just to get you started then the real 10GB data starts. By the way I have found another thing that your time (the one month period) starts the day you buy the sim card. So don't be fool like me, start using it as soon as it arrives.

I thought people migh get frustrated when they see few MB on their status so I thought this post might give them the solution and make them happy.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

How to find out password of a Wi-Fi on windows 8.1

Well, this what happened to me many times when someone came to me for password of our Wi-Fi or I tried to connect new device with our Wi-Fi and I didn't have saved the password on my phone I had to go all the way downstairs to get the Wi-Fi password from the router and then I've found this solution. So here it is and I hope it will help you too.

Right click on the Wi-Fi icon and then click on the "Open Network and Sharing Center".

Click on Wi-Fi link which you want to get the password from.

Click on the "Wireless properties".

Now click on the "Security" tab and then check the "Show characters" box.
That's it, now you will be able to see the password in the box where it says "Network security keys". I hope this what you were looking for. Thanks for reading and sharing. :)