Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Where is Crazy BD from?

I've seen many people asking in the comment section on many of his videos but I couldn't find any comment directly from Crazy BD saying where is he exactly from. But people keep asking him and he doesn't reply to them, so I thought why not do bit of a research and help the people who want to know a bit about him.

Well, if you see his about page you might see that the channel country has been set to United States but by reading his reply of many comments I'm sure he is from Bangladesh.

Here is one example, under one of his video he replied a comment by saying "Farmgate a paben 350 tk" meaning You will find it in Farmgate and cost will be 350tk and Farmgate is place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Plus he used tk (Taka) which is Bangladeshi currency. I think that gives you a very pretty solid clue in which country he lives in.

If you want to know bit more about him then you can click here.


How to see hidden views of any youtube channel (works)

Although I lost hope in people to help me out but thought let me just help them anyway. So recently I was watching a video and came across attention grabbing comment. It was seems like he needed more and more views on his videos. So I went to his channel to see how much views he has got on his videos, and found out that he has hidden the number of views he's got. So by using the trick below I've managed to see that within 8 months he's get 350K+ views.

Step 1.
Go to the channel you want to see the views. For example https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGXGJQVIGsPmmdq48N3yeg

After "/channel/" you either see a channel name or some random letters and number. In the above case you can see random letters and numbers.

Just type "/about" after the random letters and numbers or channel name and hit enter. In the above case the full url should look like this => https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAGXGJQVIGsPmmdq48N3yeg/about

There you go now you should able to see the views of that channel. Enjoy!!!

Some people are really greedy piece of shit, if they get million views they will still look for billion more. Actually that's how the world works I think. You only get something if you be like them otherwise people won't even know who you are. Everyone fighting for his own survival.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Donald Trump PUSHES a NATO Leader to Get to the Front of the Pack

This video is trending on number #2 and maybe soon number #1 where it shows that Donald Trump pushed one of the NATO leader so that he can be seen at the front. According to the uploader "The man Trump pushed is Duško Marković, the Prime Minister of Montenegro."

Best comments:

1. [Do the people who voted for Trump use him as a role model for their children? If so, we are screwed into the next century.]

2. [An orange buffoon! USA should be ashamed with this clown as president]

3. [My 6 year-old wouldn't do this at his elementary school group photo taking.]

4. [As an American citizen, this is disgraceful and an absolute embarrassment.]

5. [Wow, trump is such a strong leader. Just amazing. Showing some real strength there. Numpty trump thinks this is the way to show strong leadership. Clueless hack... smh]

6. [America doesent say "excuse me' we say move or we'll move you by force go pres. trump]

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris scanner got hacked!

Lol, I knew this kind of news will soon come out. There was a time when Samsung used to make straight forward and affordable phones but when they started competing with iPhones, they started adding some useless features and the price gone up like iPhone too.

When the latest phone (Galexy s8) came out people were boasting about how good the phone is, and it has iris scanner which is the most secure thing you could ever get. But this German group called Chaos Computer Clubs has proved it wrong.

They did this by "Capturing iris pictures is with a digital camera in night-shot mode or the infrared filter removed. In the infrared light spectrum – usually filtered in cameras – the fine, normally hard to distinguish details of the iris of dark eyes are well recognizable. Starbug was able to demonstrate that a good digital camera with 200mm-lens at a distance of up to five meters is sufficient to capture suitably good pictures to fool iris recognition systems." after getting the picture they printed it with laser printer then put a contact lens so that it looks like a real eye, and then the magic happened.

Enjoy the highly priced phones!!! They must have charged high prices because of these vulnerable features and they have told people the opposite (highly secured and stuffs).


Monday, 22 May 2017

Zaid Ali T *EXPOSED*

I'm sure many of the Pakistanis will not likes this post because they can't even imagine that their idol can do anything wrong. Here I've found one video which explains how Zaid Ali steals ideas and not just general idea but he steals 90% some times 100% of the original video.

I understand that he has gone through some rough time in his life. People didn't like him, called him ugly and all that so he might be tried to show them that he is not as useless as they thought. And probably because of that he started coping other peoples' ideas, tweets and so on. But once he got millions followers and subscribers he really shouldn't do that any more.

Jibon Ikram a Bangali guy who has made the above video about him (Zaid Ali) of stealing, got so many dislikes on that video, and that was one of the reason I'm writing this post. I've tried my best not to lean on one side but unfortunately it seems like Pakistanis are too blind and backing up f their own kind even though they do wrong things.

I'm sure Jibon just wanted to tell people that it's not good for some famous person to steal ideas from less popular people and get huge amount of views and money, and the poor original creator don't even get shout out.

Finally let me finish this post with some hard core fans of Zaid Ali commenting on that video and you will find how insane these people are.

1. [He is my fav YouTuber and I don't care what he does to make us laugh
 He is making us laugh
Making us happy
That's all i care about]

2. [Zaid ali is orignal and you are fake mental crazy I love zaid ali]
3. [shutup ...your bloody mouth...zaid ali is original .I love zaid ali actually u r fake .asal m tum khud hi jalte ho zaid ali se HUH]

4. [I am zaid Ali's fan, I don't think he copies and even if he deos he's videos r much much better, that's the the reason y he's popular.] Once you start loving someone, you start enjoying everything he/she does and you might even find most unfunny thing funny if your loved does it.

5. [This stupid looking guy is just jaleous from Zaid Ali's popularity on social media that's why he is giving lame excuses to decrease Zaid's fan following.]

6. [but still zaid ali is best because his acting is natural and he copy a little and add some more of his own] << This guy really don't have any clue at all.

Well, not everyone was sheep like few above commenters, but some people were really nice and understood the matter. And by reading this kind of comments above you can very easily understand how stupid these people are, and because of these sheep lot of celebrities making tons of money of other peoples' ideas and if someone comes up to say something about it, these sheep try to stop them by disliking, reporting and stuff. Use your brain people, use your brain. And don't be stupid and blind followers.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Lies and click baits are the best tactics to get views

Well, it is common thing which almost everyone does. To get views you either lie directly or indirectly this the best tactics if you want to grab attention of mass herd of sheep. It really works, although some sheep will cry some time for being fooled but don't worry they will get the bait and come back again.

Some visitor may feel bad to read the top paragraph but you know what I'm saying this from my own experience. You will find tons of examples where people are fooling other people and the normal people still want to get fooled again and again. If you tell them the truth most probably you will lose your visitors. Lies are so common now that people think that truths are lies and lies are truths.

Let's take the video at the top as an example. I've seen many of his videos which are mostly probably useful, but this video is attention grabbing. First bit of the title is correct, yes he's got 100k subs but the other stuffs (How much YouTubers Make and YouTube pay check) total lie.

By reading the title most visitors probably think that he has got 100k subs and by holding the Google letter he is going to reveal how much he earns from YouTube as he's got quite a lot of subscribers now and views. But in his 7 minutes 13 seconds video he doesn't tell how much he earns and neither he shows the check. In fact he says he can't say how much he earns because of the YouTube's terms of use, and referred to socialblade.com which doesn't say the accurate amount at all.

Just lost 7:13 seconds of my life just to know that lying to people is key to success. I know you probably thinking how can lying to people can be key to success? Well, if you are someone who is unknown then it's hard to get popularity by staying normal, because no one will notice you. And by lying (I'm not saying you go and start lying to people) you get popularity and with the popularity you get something what you want.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Stop Asking people For YouTube Subscription | Find Out Why?

It really makes me very angry when I see people who already got 50k, 100k or million+ subscribers and still begs for more subs. Come on, I know you want more views so that you get more money, but you should know many lazy subscribers don't even come back to watch every single video of yours.

In this post I want to share one thing which I've found today that if someone finds your videos interesting and watches few of them, YouTube will first recommend your video to that person every time you upload one.  And then when YouTube sees that he/she watches those recommended video as well regularly then it will tell that person to subscribe. As you can see in the picture above, so that person starts getting notification and not miss any of your videos.

So from this we understand that you don't need to beg for subscribers like a street beggar. If your videos are interested enough for someone YouTube will tell them to subscribe to your channel. At the same time for the small creators it's really a life long struggle to promote your videos or channel because people (ordinary people) don't  like the small channels and happy to be sheep (fans) of big channels.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Catching Fish With Soda Tab

This tip might help you in life if you get lost in island or life and death situation when you want to catch a fish to survive. This guy shows how you can catch a fish just by cutting a soda tab in fish hook shape and put little bit of bread dough and he has successfully catched a fish.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Stupid people making fidget spinner with iPhones

Well, as I said before as well that people are wasting expensive stuffs and somewhere else people are dying to earn few quids or something to eat. Although we can't just blame this guy for his stupid actions in fact if we think deeply we can find that the reason behind doing this kind of stupid stuff is money itself.

Imagine if he breaks an iPhone and he doesn't get any view and therefore no ad money, will he ever break another one again? I'm 100% sure no one will do that. But he and other people make this kind of videos because the normal people watch them and they (who ever make the video) get millions of views in a day or so and there for they get tons of ad money.

Most of the time they get double or triple or maybe more then that. So you tell me why won't they do this kind of stupid stuffs? And you will see some stupid people commenting why are you wasting so much money and stuff. Really! Stupid people making other people do stupid stuffs and then crying that they are wasting too much money. If you are so worried about his wastage then first thing you do is stop watching this kind of videos. No one like waste a penny if he's not getting more than what he spent. And the exact thing happening here he is definitely getting more than what he wasting (actually those are his investments if don 't know)

Who to blame?
If you think carefully after reading all this (which hardly people do nowadays) then I think you've already figured it out that it's the people who watch this kind of videos to blame for.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Exposing crazy BD's Home Made Wireless Charger

This is why I'm starting to think that fooling people and lying to them is quick way to get more attentions and more views and money. Because I've experienced with myself that if you try to say the truth people and give them true advice it seems like most people won't believe you, because you are not a famous enough to convince them. And once you are well know famous person, you can put any shit and people will love it, and here is one example of that.


This guy from a channel called Crazy BD {although he has hidden his country name but by his comments I'm 99% sure he is from Bangladesh} made a video on making wireless charger. Just by cutting the wire and rapping with copper wire and aluminum foil and gluing a huge magnet with the charger he is charging his phone from far away. First let me tell you that this is 100000000% fake.

People already have made this kind of fake video on YouTube and got millions of views and tons of money. And this guy is trying his luck as well, but the that surprises me a lot is that this guy created his channel on May 14, 2015 and till now he's got 273,133 subscribers and 47,157,138 views and he is still not happy and trying to get more views and subs by making fake videos like this.

I'm not saying all his videos are fake. There might be many videos real but after watching last few videos I'm having doubt on him that he is really going for views and money now. And I don't really feel sorry for his fool subscribers who think that what ever he does is real and liking his videos and promoting them.

How did I know that  is from Crazy BD Bangladesh?

Under one of his video he replied a comment by saying "Farmgate a paben 350 tk" meaning You will find it in Farmgate and cost will be 350tk and Farmgate is place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, plus he used tk (Taka) which is Bangladeshi currency. I think that gives you a very pretty solid clue in which country he lives in.

A guy from Bangladesh makes about £26.8K - £428.9K (about 2697.6K tk - 44407.9K tk ) still not enough for him so he started making fake video. Well, I don't blame him because all comes down to people. People are the reason why he had to act like this. This showed me one thing, if you want be successful go with the flow. If people like fake stuffs shove them with fake stuffs and rip the benefit. 

I'm sure over 90% visitors won't make it to this far because reading this kind of post is wasting time for them but they will enjoy hours after hours with fake videos and stuffs. So waste your life I mean enjoy your life with fake things.


Saturday, 13 May 2017


By reading the title you probably think that I'm giving away fidget spinner, right? Well, actually I'm not giving away any fidget spinner my friend, but in fact I want share something with you what I've learned from watching this live stream.

I wouldn't write this if the guy who own's the channel didn't lie. A live stream video caught my eyes by the title "ULTIMATE FIDGET SPINNER GIVEAWAY!!" so I opened it just to see how fool and stupid people begging for a fidget spinner which doesn't cost much.

The things he lied:
  1.  Ultimate: Actually I heard his saying he's got 50 fidget spinners to give away, so how can that be ultimate?
  2.  He can't afford it:  He said he is giving away these fidget spinners on be half of a website otherwise he wouldn't able to give away because he can't afford it. Saying a guy who has 1,950,185+ subscribers and roughly about  £20.3K to £325.4K  yearly earnings.

Benefits he's getting:
  •  Subscribers
  •  Views: When I was watching I saw about 11k+ people watching.
  •  Money: Both ad money and chat money.
  • Maybe he took money from the sponsor too.
Who's getting most of the benefits:
I was just watched the video for few minutes and thinking that how this guy using people to generate money so easily and people were just like sheep, begging for few quid worth fidget spinner and 99.99% people probably even won't get it.

Sometimes I think that let people be fooled because people don't saying/exposing the truth, so what's the point telling them the truth and exposing. Those people who can fool people get the most benifit out of it.


Friday, 12 May 2017

How to Hide Personal File/Folder Securely on Your PC with CMD

You probably seen many people or maybe yourself  hide file/folder by using different software or use the window built-in hide/show function, but did you know that method is not as secure as you probably think is.

For example if you hid a file by using the hid/show function then people can see the file/folder just by selecting show hidden files, folders and drives.

And if you use a software then, when you click on the folder it will ask password. So people will know that you've hidden something in there and they might force you to give them the password.

Third option which is the best and secure and no way to find out the hidden file/folder unless you yourself forget it.

Watch the video from 2:37


OK, let's start with the procedure:
  1.  Go to folder that you want to hide (files or folders in).
  2.  Click on the white space right next to folder patch. In the example above you can see he is clicking on white space next to the "Logic" << folder name.
  3.  Write cmd and hit enter.
  4. Now write attrib +h +s +r your folder name, in this case the folder name is new. Then hit the enter key. 
Now the new folder in Logic folder has gone, you can't find it any way until you brig it back again by using the CMD.

To bring it back you do exact same thing what you've done above but on the 4rth step you write attrib -h -s -r new. Remember the  new in the example is just used as an example, it can be different in your computer and maybe your own named files/folders.


Much needed help for first time Hubsan H501S X4 Flyer

If you have bought this drone and confused what to do and the user manual not helping much either than is this video will definitely help you.


I think it's even better to watch the full video before you open your drone box, it explains way better than the user manual. It would have saved my time if I watched this video first. After compass calibration 1 and 2 (which I hardly worked out by reading the manual) I couldn't even start the motor. And didn't find anything says how to start the motors. :(

It was so frustrating that I thought all my money probably gone in the bin. And than I watched so many YouTube videos just to know how I can start the motor but no one seems to showing anything about it, until I saw this video.

How to start the motors of Hubsan H501S X4:
Push the left stick to the left bottom, and right stick to the right bottom to start the motors.

How to stop the motors of Hubsan H501S X4:
Well, even in this video didn't tell how to stop the motors so because I didn't know it and that's why I stopped them by disconnecting the battery connection. Remember don't ever do that. I did that because I didn't know how to stop and I couldn't find anything anywhere where it says how I should stop them. To stop them do the same thing you do to start them.

Really some time I think that the user manual is useless, if it doesn't even tell you the basic stuffs what kind of manual is that. I had to surf around the net and waste so much time just to know some basic stuffs. Please watch the full video for more functions which you might not know and the useless user manual didn't tell you about, in fact forget user manual watch the video carefully before you even open the user manual. This will teach you more stuffs and easy to understand than the useless manual.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Arif Ahmed Rayhan The kid who made a led mask

Really people shouldn't discourage any child, doesn't matter however small thing he invents. This is a story about a kid  his name is Arif Ahmed Rayhan from Bangladesh. He made a LED mask which can help people in the dark. When someone asked, how he made it? He was explaining everything in detail how he made the mask, but instead of appreciating the kid they were asking the kid in a way that it sounded like they were trying to humiliate him.

At the end someone said wear it and go. And when he was going they were laughing, on the way someone asked his name, he replied so quietly that you can't even hear properly and he didn't even look back. I think he was probably feeling shame to look back. These are the future inventors if people don't appreciate them they will lose hope and they will stop inventing stuffs. And the result maybe a country with dumb people. :(


FAKE OUTLET PRANK! (Airport Version)

These guys stuck a fake outlet at the airport to see some hilarious reactions.

Best comments:
1. [I love how those who have been pranked join to see the other victims]
2. [I really enjoy these harmless pranks. No need to fake them and no one risks getting hurt. Great job!]
3. [you should put it on the trash can and see how many people fall for it]
4. [It's more funny when everyone who fell for it all sit beside the thing to see more people fall for it]
5. [so wait, did he buy a plane ticket just to prank people?]

Monday, 8 May 2017

Unilad's Samsung galaxy s8 giveaway [Exposed]

After watching the video you probably thinking wow! how nice of Unilad and Carphone Warehouse that they giving away so expensive phones for free. But if you think slightly deeper then you probably find out that they are not giving it for free.

OK, let me give you one example. Can you see the first comment by Unilad saying "For your chance to win one of five brand new Samsung S8s click here: http://bit.ly/cpws8comp"? Do you know where the link takes you too? Well, when anyone clicks on the link it takes that person trough a site called Ad.doubleclick.net. If you Google about that site you will find "Ad.doubleclick.net is a legitimate advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their sites.".

So from every click these people (Unilad) got money, and who knows those people (whom he gave those phones to) probably were paid actors. You can see the analytic that he has generated more than 11,813 clicks in just two days. So imagine how much money he's got from that. When I see this kind of "kindness" from people, I think of the phrase "There is no free energy. To get some energy you have lose some energy". Although that's in different subject, but it's so true, no one does anything for free.

There must be something that he's trying achieve by doing that. In this case the money and marketing. And sadly many people are trapped in this without knowing that some other people making money of there stupidness.
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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Saved someone from PayPal scam text

Well, few days ago I've wrote a post about how you can see hidden dangerous link in bit.ly, and here you go I saved someone a lick which could have destroyed his phone with potential virus.

This text came to some who I know, but he was not as dumb as this scammer thought. So what he did when he got this text. First opened his PayPal to see if it's really blocked or not. Once he found that his PayPal is completely fine, he showed me and asked what he should do?

I said DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK because it might be a link to a fishing site (grabs info about you or sends  virus). After that I found out the actual site without clicking on it and compared to the real one and found it's completely scam and fake site site.

Here is the comparison:
Scam site: http://paypal.co.uk.t2ej.us/m/  <<= Never visit that site.
  • There is no s after p which indicates the site is note secure for logins.
  • After .uk you can see some other rubbish stuffs like .t2ej.us/m/

Real site: https://www.paypal.com/uk/home
When you go to the real site, you will the link starts with https://  which indicates is that it's secure to log in, plus you will see a green padlock on the left as you can see the picture below.
If you want to see how you can find out the details without clicking on the bit.ly link then read my other post by clicking here, and if you want to know about the scam link on the bit.ly click here. I feel sorry for the 736 people who clicked on the scam link, don't really know what's happening to them.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

Man crawled through 200m of mud to save an eagle

Well, although he has done a heroic job by saving the young eagle but many have to say something else. And here are some comments you might enjoy.

1. [ REMEMBER! Always, ALWAYS carry your filming equipment and your ultra quality drone with you in case of emergency! taking a walk, swimming, chilling in a park, ALWAYS, NO MATTER WHAT!]

2. [Too bad for this eagle... cause it's condition is now per-existing.. and per the new trump care it's injuries are not covered. Ultimately we will have throw it back into the mud and let nature run its course..]

3. [Yet hundreds of eagles, hawks, falcons, and any other type of migrating birds are sliced alive by windmills, but you NEVER hear a peep from anyone. Where are the environmentalists there? Anyone?]

4. [Hey look a dying eagle! Turn the camera on mate, we cannot waste a similar chance of hitting tons of likes]

Not everyone left negative comments some are quite encouraging too.

5. [ I love to hear stories like this, he is a true hero.. thank you for saving this beautiful bird ]
6. [ What a man, empathy and compassion to such depth when a man is prepared to put himself at risk and go to these lengths to save an animals life, when others wouldn't even bother to slow down their car to do the same. ]

7. [This man deserves a medal not people who kick footballs around a field or designs clothes. People that actually do something that's life saving or something that makes their country better.]

Baby Bison Wins vs Wolf

After watching the video and reading the comments I thought have to share with you lot (who ever visit this site regularly). I found this hilarious! Here you go, first watch the video and then read the comments.

Best comments:

1. [That wolf is gonna be pissed when he finds this on the Internet]
2. [And that little bison grew up to become President of the United States]
3. [Those geese are the equivalent of the people who yell world star in the back ground when people are fighting]
4. [I like how the wolf just hangs around accepting his failure]
5. [wolf be like: hope none of the pack saw my ass handed to me]
6. [I feel like the geese are commentators and this is just a WWE match nature set up.]
7. [When you get bullied in school and your big bad brother arrives just when you are being bullied]


Friday, 5 May 2017

How to read twitter without login

Well, it's frustrating that almost every big social media sites forcing people to use apps or login to access their sites and I've notice that with Twitter as well. I know that nowadays most people surf the web with their mobile phones than PC, in fact I've seen that with my site too. That doesn't mean that people should completely cut off the access if they don't want to use app to view their sites.


In the picture above you can see that when I tried to visit the home page of the twitter, it showed me like that. You can't really see anything besides "Sign up" and Log in". And the other side you can see that I was able see the trending page.

So this is what you need to do to see that. Once you go to the home page the URL will look like this https://mobile.twitter.com then you just need to add /search and hit enter. Full url should look like this https://mobile.twitter.com/sarch so now you will be able to see the trending page.

The trending page might show different trending then where you are currently living. That's because the website might not know exactly where you living that's why. You can search what ever you want by putting a hashtag, for example #Funny  now you will see every tweet people have been tweeted with that hashtag.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to see real link hidden in bitly link

You probably have seen many people use these links start with bitly.com/..., do you know why do they use that kind of link for?

Well, these are actually short links. People usually shorten their big website links into smaller ones plus they can track the visitors, where they (visitors) have visited from and how many hits its (the link) got and so on. Although most people do it right way but some people might use this trick to hide their sites links which could for fishing and virus sites.


How can you save yourself from those dangerous sites?
To save yourself from those kind of sites first you look at the URL, and in this case it's hidden so you have to find out the way you can see the actual link without clicking on the link (bitly link). To do that copy the link (DON'T CLICK ON IT) and then paste it in the address bar at the top and then add + right after the link. So the link in the picture should look like this https://bitly.com/2pBW6jb+ Once you done that hit enter. And now you will be able to see the actual link (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/devices/surface-laptop/overview?ocid=Event_soc_omc_sur_yt_Video_lrn_YTSizzleSurfaceLaptopLaunch)

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

This thumb tricks will blow your mind

This video of a guy doing his thumb trick trending on #10 right now. It's seems like normal if you know how he is doing the trick, but some how it caught eyes of millions.

Published: Apr 30, 2017
Views: 1,697,175
Likes: 27,296
Dislikes: 583

Best comments:
1. [Hope EA patches this in the next update]
2. [This video deserves a thumbs off] It's funny if you know what he meant.
3. [When you ask for a refund at the magic store and the cashier does this.]
4. [Need instructions. I'm in the emergency room...and there's a lot of blood.]
5. [Slow it down to 0.25 and you can see each trick, however he is using black magic for the pinky.]

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Did you know you are losing money in your saving account

This gentleman explains very nicely that your money in saving account is not growing perhaps it losing its value every day. Watch the full video and you will know how banks are robbing us.

Best comments:

1. [If you're interest rate isn't better than inflation, you're going backwards]
2. [This channel should have a tagline "what the school DOESN'T want you to know."]
3. [It's sad that people has to specifically study economics to learn these things. As an economist I wish I had learn the basic notions earlier, before actually starting a degree. Keep it on with the videos! This is basically like teaching life]
4. [You are actually right my friend an old man taught me this but i didn't take him serious]
5. [The rich won't tell you where their money really came from. All the mega rich obtained 99% of their wealth by buying and selling shares, futures, currencies or real estate. They didn't earn it by receiving a regular income from their job.]


Can you spot the snake?

It seems like the hardest puzzle ever, but once you spot it then you can see it from space. How cool is that.

Best tweets:

1. [Best game of where's the snake I've ever played!]
2. [I give up, where is it? Circle in red. With arrows. I lost 15min of my life here.]
3. [Keep looking! When you finally spot it, it really pops out!]
4. [Me either! Wasn't able to see it until I saw someone posted a crop of it. Nature is the best at camouflage!]

Well, try first then if you really don't find it click here and make sure to comment below to say how hard it was to spot the snake. Don't worry you can comment anonymously if you don't have any account to comment with.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Does Google Chrome's Data Saver really help?

If you are too much concerned about your internet bills and think of using less data so that you don't get over charged, and to do that you might have come across Google Chrome's Data Saver, Right?

Well, I was thinking about that too, and not because I wanted save data but rather wanted to test the system and here what I've found. OK before I say something let me what Google says about the data saver.  "With Data Saver, you can lower your phone bill or load web pages faster on slow connections by reducing the amount of data Chrome uses."

Sounds good, right? From this we understand two main points, it will lower  your phone bill and page will load faster. Well, it's true that if you have lees data to do download and it will obviously load faster, but what if the system can't reduce the data much. As you can see at the top, I've used (on mobile) the Chrome on Data saver mode for few days and it only managed to save 7 MB from 653MB. I don't think that will help me to reduce my phone bill much, will it?

Let's see the disadvantages of using Chrome in data saving mode.
  • Data Saver won't work if you're on secure pages (addresses that start with https : //) or if you're browsing in private with Incognito mode. (To make it clear, I didn't do this it couldn't save data much)
  • Some websites might have trouble finding your location.
  • Some images might look fuzzy.
  • Websites that are restricted to certain groups, such as your company's internal sites, might not load.
  •  You might not be able to sign in to your mobile operator's website.
  •  Changes you made to your /etc/hosts file won't work.
So after so many difficulties and getting only few MB reduced, do you think it's helpful? If you are still curious to know how it works then here it is.

When you use Data Saver, most of your web traffic goes through Google servers before being downloaded to your device. Less data gets downloaded to your device, because Google servers will compress it.

Do you still want to use this useless option and want to know how to do it? 
Open the Chrome >> Hit the 3 dots >> Settings >> Data saver >> Turn it on/Off